How to maintain the car after the Spring Festival

New Year's day, start working! With the coming away of the Spring Festival, Lions are also investing in a new year of hard-earned money. As the saying goes, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Facing the car that has been following him for a long time, is it necessary to maintain it before he starts work?

First, after checking the long-distance journey through the Spring Festival, we shall first thoroughly clean the external parts of the car chassis, tires, rims (steel rings), front and rear lights, bumpers, and door and window glass.

How to maintain the car after the Spring Festival Another need to observe whether the car body scratches, many owners on the way back to their hometown New Year or driving, due to the road is not familiar with or some of the poor road conditions, may lead to the vehicle outside the obvious scratches , bump marks, especially the position of the front bumper. If there is a collision, the vehicle is mainly painted in time.

How to maintain the car after the Spring Festival Second, check the tire The tire is the only part of the vehicle to touch the ground, so the higher the risk of injury, the owner can check the tire whether there are obvious injuries, scratches. If the sidewall has obvious scars (crack), it is best to replace it because the sidewalls are thin and the pressure is limited. The probability of a tire bursting at high speed will increase greatly.

After the Spring Festival, how to maintain the car care should first check the tire pressure, wear, whether the nut loose or fall off, remove the tread inserts and nails and other sharp debris. If the car opens up and there is a deviation or a pendulum, you need to re-do four-wheel alignment or balancing.

How to maintain the car after the Spring Festival Third, after checking the chassis road surface scratches the chassis, may cause some parts of the chassis to be deformed, especially the upper and lower swing arm, the right and left direction pull rods and other easily deformed.

In addition, some minor scratches can also cause minor leaks in the engine or transmission oil pan, etc. These are problems that the owner himself cannot detect in time. Here we recommend that all Lions feel the abnormality and go to the shop for inspection.

Fourth, check the fault During the Spring Festival to run long-distance car main focus on checking the powertrain, brake assembly, etc., there is a failure to repair the first time. After a long journey, the various oils in the engine compartment may have different levels of consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to check the level of various oils, and if necessary, make up for them in a timely manner; if the mileage exceeds a maintenance cycle, then Engine oil and oil filter elements need to be replaced.

How to maintain the car after the Spring Festival In addition, we must also check the amount of water storage radiator, check the cooling system, whether the joints loose, leakage and other conditions.

V. Checking the owner of the car who has not used the car during the Spring Festival, it is necessary to check the oil route and various oils. If the vehicle is not used for a long period of time, the surface does not seem to have any wear. Actually, long-term parking will cause deterioration of the oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze. In particular, vehicles parked in the open air are prone to abnormalities due to the cold weather and low temperatures.

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