·Ghosn predicts that China's auto market will increase 5% and attack 3% share

Dong Yanfeng, chairman and party secretary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, said that in 2015, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. sold 3.87 million vehicles a year, absent from the previously set target of 4 million vehicles. Dongfeng hopes to continue to challenge this goal in 2016.
On February 1st (the 23rd day of the lunar calendar), it was a traditional Chinese small year. The shareholders of a new automobile joint venture company in China gathered together. Today, Dongfeng Renault announced that its Wuhan, the first production base in China, was officially completed and put into operation in the assembly workshop of Dongfeng Renault Factory in Huangkou, Hanyang District, Wuhan.
On the previous day, on January 31, Wuhan ushered in the biggest snowfall this year, and the temperature plummeted. In the new factory of Dongfeng Renault, it is even colder. However, for the president of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Carlos Ghosn, this trip is a "warm" journey.
“China is Renault’s most important market in the world at this stage.” In an interview with the completion ceremony of the factory, Carlos Ghos, president of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, said, “We will gather global resources to tilt towards the Chinese market. ”
“Dongfeng Renault is an important increase of Dongfeng Group during the '13th Five-Year Plan.'” Yan Yanfeng, chairman and party secretary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, told reporters. It is reported that in 2015, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. sold 3.87 million vehicles a year, absent from the previously set target of 4 million vehicles. Dongfeng hopes to continue to challenge this goal in 2016.
It can be seen that under the high expectations of both shareholders, the task shouldered by Dongfeng Renault is even more urgent.
Ghosn to Wuhan "warm"
In the new factory of Dongfeng Renault, in order to hold the completion ceremony, the production line was suspended, so the Dongfeng Renault factory was particularly cold. However, the enthusiasm shown by both shareholders is extraordinary.
“Reynolds global sales in 2015 is not high, but there are still great opportunities in the Chinese market.” Ghosn told reporters, “We need to speed up the introduction of products to meet various needs.”
According to the reporter, the Renault brand sold 2.8 million vehicles worldwide in 2015, an increase of 3.3% year-on-year; of these, 1.61 million were contributed by the European market – in Europe, Renault achieved a positive growth of 10.2%. However, in the Americas and Asia Pacific markets, Renault’s local sales have declined by 14.8% and 12.3% respectively. At the same time, the serious lag in the Chinese market has become a growth bottleneck for Renault in emerging markets.
In contrast, under the Nissan-Renault alliance led by Ghosn, Nissan Motors sold 5.17 million vehicles worldwide in 2015, of which China contributed 1.25 million units, making it the largest single market for the brand.
In contrast, Renault has not yet entered the mainstream market in China. However, after the domestic production, Renault will launch the SUV model, which also shows its eagerness to seek high growth.
"The Chinese market will maintain a growth rate of around 5% in the future, and we are optimistic about the growth of this market." Carlos Ghosn said.
3% share of power
Carlos GHOSN's so-called "resource tilt" refers not only to the introduction of more Renault models to China, but also to its leading Nissan-Renault alliance, the factory construction and supplier system for the new joint venture of Renault. , dealer construction and other aspects to give "help".
In the view of Hu Xindong, executive vice president of Dongfeng Renault, Ghosn has given great help in the development of Dongfeng Renault in the past two years. The reporter learned that the current production capacity of Dongfeng Renault is currently 150,000 units. From construction to completion, this new construction project took only 16 months, which is inseparable from the positive help of Renault, Dongfeng and even Nissan.
Among them, Dongfeng Renault is assisted by Nissan Nissan's joint venture company Dongfeng Nissan in terms of production line construction, suppliers and even parts suppliers. And these, let the Dongfeng Renault's first domestically produced car, which is about to be officially listed in China in March, the localization rate of parts of the compact SUV product Correga to 80%.
"The first product will achieve 80% localization, and there is no alliance with Nissan. Dongfeng Renault is impossible to achieve." Ghosn told reporters.
"With the help of Nissan and Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Renault's team manufacturing capabilities and network can be quickly established." Hu Xindong told reporters, "For both parties, the cost control brought by scale procurement is a win-win result."
Up to now, Dongfeng Renault has completed the expansion of 125 dealers, the first domestic model Correga began to accept pre-sales, the company team expanded from the original 200 to the current 2,000. This year, the number of dealers has expanded to 150.
In addition, Renault executives frequently mentioned the 3% forward market share target, which is similar to Renault's position in the global market. The reporter learned that in addition to the planned launch of the domestic Correga in March, Dongfeng Renault will also have another SUV new car, and will launch new products such as cars and electric vehicles.
“Chinese consumers are very demanding consumer groups and will raise many questions about the products.” Ghosn told reporters, “But we are ready.”

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