Refrigerated car board injury swollen what to do? Xiao Bian to teach you how to repair!


No matter what the car is, there will be some problems with the service life or the conditions used on weekdays. Today it is not necessary to make repairs here, that is, there is a glitch there, and sometimes the refrigerated carriage board will be hit or otherwise affected during use. Cause damage. Therefore, the restoration of the car body has become a problem that many users need to solve urgently. Don"t worry, today Xiaobian to give you the way!

Domestic small and medium refrigerated compartments are mostly made of glass plate in the inside and outside, and the interlayers (namely the insulation layer) are basically polyurethane insulation materials. Therefore, the common injuries of domestic small-scale refrigerated compartments are: scratches and cracks inside and outside the cabin; Insulation damage; inside and outside the skin

Small area peeling.

1. Polishing paint treatment

The scratches or cracks in the skin inside and outside the cabin not only affect the appearance of the car body, but also affect the heat preservation performance of the heat preservation car body.

Repair method: Scratch and crack the place into a rough surface, and then mix and mix well and then mix the fine atomized ash evenly on the top, until the putty is dry, polish and smooth, and finally paint treatment.

2. Dicing method

Damaged insulation layer repair, due to impact or other reasons, resulting in damage to the insulation layer, which is the largest loss of small refrigerators , it is likely to make the insulation of the refrigerator insulation insulation performance.

Repair method: cut the damaged part of the insulation layer to the minimum area, and make polyurethane insulation material and glass steel plate of the same size, cover the insulation material with glass fiber mat and apply unsaturated polyester adhesive, stick the inner and outer glass steel plates, and place In the hole of the cut car plate, use external force to fix it together with the whole car plate, about 1 to 2 hours, after the glue is cured, grind the paint treatment.

3. Injection method

Small-scale refrigerated compartments are repaired in small areas of the skin in and out of the cabin. The small area of ​​the skin inside and outside the cabin is commonly called “bubbling”. This is due to the fact that a small amount of gas cannot be expelled between the skin and the insulation during the process of the panel production. The skin and insulation layer cannot be completely bonded, and this phenomenon can easily cause complete peeling of the entire skin, which seriously affects the heat preservation effect.

Repair method: Drill an 8mm hole in the middle of the peeling section of the car plate, inject the unsaturated polyester glue with a glue gun, compress it with external force , and fix the paint treatment after the glue is completely cured.

Although there are ways to solve the problem of the vehicle, but the repaired car is certainly not better than the performance of the car has not been repaired, in order to less problems with the vehicle when using the usual care should pay more attention to maintenance.

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