Vacuum cleaners are more advantageous than traditional sweepers

Some people who do not understand the road sweepers and vacuum cleaners will always confuse the two types of cars together. Do you think this is not a kind of car? Of course not! When everyone purchases vehicles for cleansing and maintenance that are used for roads, do not blindly select models that are unsuitable for their own use and application when they do not understand the models and their major performance. According to the condition of the road surface to be operated and the road surface environment, it is possible to select whether it is a vehicle requiring a sweeper or a vacuum cleaner .

If the road surface environment to be operated belongs to those road sections where the dust is relatively serious, such as stone powder, cement ash, or coal powder, etc., if there is a relatively small particulate waste, then even people are cautious because of the road environment. The step on the road will also bring up dust. The proper cleaning vehicle should be chosen as a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are vehicles that use a vacuum to vacuum the vehicle without a brush at all, and do not cause secondary environmental pollution caused by dust. In addition, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, there is a misunderstanding that the vehicle without a brush is a vacuum cleaner. This kind of problem still requires professional sales personnel to decide.  

Then some friends will ask, compared to the traditional road sweeper and vacuum cleaners, that performance is better, which is worse? In fact, this cannot be said because the road environment that these two links clean vehicles are not the same, so the main function of the vehicle is also not the same, then the vacuum cleaner compared with the traditional road sweeper Under the sweeper is a sweeper, and the suction cup is shorter than a vacuum cleaner. Because the brush of the sweeper sweeps the garbage to the middle of the vehicle, and then The suction cup sucks it directly. Those ordinary wet sweepers can be called all-around sweepers, because their suction will be relatively large and they are also very durable. The sweeping effect can also be recognized by more people. Then, compared with a vacuum cleaner , the disadvantage is that the dust on the more serious road surface cleaning will cause secondary pollution of dust. The vacuum cleaners were only able to look at the cleaning of the larger stones. Therefore, it cannot be unilaterally evaluated that the two kinds of sanitation vehicles are not good or bad because they themselves have their own advantages.

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