Three main points of daily use of refrigerated trucks

The refrigerated truck has the normal use environment and the use process, which means that in the entire transport process of the transported goods, the articles will not be degraded, so as to reduce the economic loss. No matter what type of refrigerated vehicle is used, if it is not properly cleaned and maintained during the whole use and replacement, it will cause the vehicle to be damaged by large or small, then what should be done for the refrigerated truck? Daily maintenance and cleaning?

1. The use of refrigerated trucks should always be sterilized and cleaned in order to prevent articles from being contaminated by chemicals, odors and bacteria. Before cleaning, you should clean away debris, debris, etc. from the floor. When there are some oily foods that have been transported. For example, meat, butter, margarine, etc. are all more easily contaminated by strong odors. In addition, items such as fruits and vegetables are also easy to inhale odors. Therefore, after having been transported before, meat, oil, fish, or products with heavy smells, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and ventilate the insulation cabin.  

2. The refrigeration unit of a refrigerated truck can operate normally and the drainage holes remain unobstructed, so that the transportation period can be properly transported or can be carried out at an appropriate temperature. The refrigerating unit used by the vehicle must be matched with the insulated car. The drainage holes on the floor as well as the ground trough should be kept clean, so as to avoid clogging it with debris.  

3, refrigerated vehicles to prevent the items need to be placed in accordance with the provisions, so as to be able to reduce the article is in the vehicle's compartment wall and floor contact, so that it can be conducive to the refrigerated truck compartment of the cold air flow, in order to achieve temperature Balanced guarantees the quality of the goods.

Suitable processing technique: cutting and beading of hardware products.

Applicable to: stainless steel products including pan, bowl, dish, cover, basin, cup and more.

Available material shapes: round.

Beading on the edges reducing the sharpness and preventing it from getting bent. Trimming the ware's edge to prevent sharpness and neat, beutiful edge.

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