Application of GPS Soil Moisture Analyzer in Production Guidance of Citrus Orchard

Water is an essential material for plant growth. Almost everyone knows that water shortage can seriously affect plant growth. However, in actual production activities, due to the lack of scientific soil moisture testing methods, many orchards have this irrigation problem. Problems such as irrationality lead to crop water shortage and affect the normal growth of crops. When these problems are discovered, they are often too late, resulting in a decline in crop yield, quality and economic value. Therefore, in order to help the citrus orchard to develop better, it is necessary to use the GPS soil moisture quickness meter as a professional soil instrument to carry out soil moisture testing, and provide scientific and technical guidance for citrus orchard production.

GPS soil moisture measuring instrument

Citrus is a fruit tree species with a relatively large water requirement. During its growth, it often requires multiple irrigations to meet its water requirement. However, if you want citrus to grow well and have high quality and high yield, it is not as simple as irrigation, but it is necessary to strictly control the soil moisture content. When water is insufficient, it can be timely irrigated and replenished with water. The moisture content in the soil. The application of the GPS Soil Moisture Velocity Tester in citrus orchard production guidance can make the water regulation work in the citrus orchard more timely and effective, and provide guarantee for high quality and high yield in citrus orchards.

The effect of soil drought on citrus is very large. The main manifestations are: In fruit enlargement, too low soil moisture for a long time will lead to small fruit, affecting fruit quality and yield. The lack of water affects the photosynthesis of plants, the lack of tree nutrient measurement, affects the fruit enlargement, and the fruit in the later period is too small; the citrus suffers from long-term water shortage. In case of heavy rain and irrigation, severe cracking occurs, and the rate of cracking is 30%-50% in severe cases. After the loss of any economic value; lack of water will also lead to the "pineapple fruit" a large number of production, affecting fruit quality, severe water shortages will occur withering and deciduous fruit, and even the whole plant death. Therefore, to achieve high quality and high yield in citrus orchards, it is necessary to pay attention to the management of soil moisture. Applying the GPS soil moisture measuring instrument to citrus orchard soil moisture guidance works well with the current development of orchards, and is currently an effective increase in many orchards. One of the efficiency measures.

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