Main fan emission gas safety technical measures

The main fan of the well stops the wind. Before the wind supply is restored, the main fan must be discharged with gas. The following safety technical measures are formulated:

1. Establish a gas emission group:

Leader: Chief Engineer

Deputy Team Leader: Safety Mine Chief of Electromechanical Mines

Member: The duties of all functional departments in the underground

Gas emissions flow through the route:

All full pressure roadway - east / west wing return air - total return air - main fan - ground

Second, the operation steps and safety technical measures

1. After the main fan resumes power supply, the team leader organizes relevant personnel to discharge the gas from the main fan.

2. The main fan discharge gas adopts the principle of short-circuit airflow method and low-concentration emission.

3. Start the primary fan first. The tile inspection worker shall measure the gas concentration at the main fan outlet, and when the gas concentration is less than 2%, order the secondary main fan to be started; if the gas concentration is greater than 2%, open the safety exit damper, and the gas concentration of the main fan outlet is 2 When the main fan is started normally, if the main fan second level starts normally, if the tile inspection worker measures the concentration of the main fan outlet more than 2%, then open the explosion-proof cover to increase the short-circuit air volume, and wait until the main fan outlet gas concentration When it is less than 1%, close the safety exit damper and the explosion-proof cover, and the main fan discharge gas ends.

4. When the gas concentration at the exit of the main fan does not exceed 1%, the ventilation gas inspector can check the ventilation gas condition in the well. Only the tile inspection worker can measure the gas concentration below 0.75% in the total return air. Into the well to carry out local gas discharge work underground.

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