Introduction to environmental protection of lead and zinc mines

It affects the mine and its adjacent ecological environment, mainly the wastewater, waste residue, waste gas, radioactive poison and noise emitted by the mine. The past 20 years, lead and zinc mine to protect the environment has achieved significant results for waste water, waste, emissions, "three wastes" governance.
1) Wastewater treatment: The wastewater treatment of lead and zinc plants is mainly to improve the reuse rate of wastewater, adjust the pharmaceutical system, natural purification treatment, neutralization treatment, and oxidation treatment to make wastewater discharge standards or reuse. For example, the Fankou Lead and Zinc Plant will recycle the ore dressing wastewater and use it for 1:1 mixing of fresh water and return water. The foam is thick, the operating conditions are stable, and the recovery of lead, zinc and sulfur is also available. Increased. The mine selection plant also uses liquid chlorine oxidation to reduce the sulfide concentration from 15 mg/L to 1 mg/L, meeting wastewater discharge standards. The selection of lead-zinc mines such as Huangshaping, Fankou, Taolin, Hengdong and Qingshuitang, through the reformation of the mineral processing process, adjusted the pharmaceutical system, and achieved non-cyanide or low cyanide flotation, thereby reducing the pollution of cyanide. Natural purification and treatment of wastewater is a method commonly used in mine treatment and treatment plant wastewater in China, and it is effective. The structure of the natural purification method is mainly a tailings pond, which has the functions of dilution, sedimentation and hydrolysis, and is equivalent to a wastewater treatment plant. It is also a natural aeration oxidation pond, which can not only oxidize and degrade various organic substances in wastewater, but also absorb and concentrate. toxic waste metal elements. According to statistics, after the tailings wastewater of the lead-zinc plant is naturally clarified in the tailings pond, the content of harmful components is significantly reduced. Usually the tailings water stays in the warehouse for 1-3 days and nights, and the clarified water suspension concentration is lower than the national standard.
2) Waste residue treatment: lead and zinc mine waste residue, including stripping materials and waste rock during mining, tailings abandoned during ore dressing, etc. The main treatment method is to establish waste rock pile and tailings dam, and change as much as possible. Waste is a treasure, and it becomes a profit, and comprehensive utilization is carried out. Many lead-zinc mines recover beneficial elements and minerals from waste rock and tailings, or as building materials, or as filling materials for goafs. Many mines such as Fankou lead-zinc mine, Huangshaping lead-zinc mine and Hongtoushan copper- zinc mine use tailings as raw materials for underground filling. Even if the tailings are well treated, they have achieved good application results. In order to prevent the tailings pond from being washed away by rain and wind erosion, many years of tailings dams are reinforced and raised. Many lead-zinc mines have reclaimed and reclaimed the tailings ponds that have been closed by flattening-reconstructing soil-vegetation. For example, Shuikoushan lead-zinc mine, Huanren copper-zinc mine and other mines reclaimed the tailings reservoir, controlled soil erosion, prevented dust damage, and purified the environment. The dust content in the atmosphere was reduced several times to several tens. Times, and planting crops, flowers and trees, greening the environment, and achieved good social and economic benefits. 3) Waste gas treatment: Many mines enhance exhaust ventilation and inhibit the intrusion of radon and its daughters on mining operations. The main methods: improve the dustproof and water supply system, achieve comprehensive wet operation, seal the goaf and the roadway, improve the reliability of the ventilation system, do a good job of local purification, promote the application of the successful JBF high-pressure electrostatic air purifier and RDC -1 type composite purifier, etc. Due to these comprehensive measures, dust and cockroaches and their daughters are effectively inhibited from the human body. At present, many mines use diesel engine-powered trackless self-propelled equipment to bring pollution of diesel exhaust gas to the mine environment and use large-scale, high-efficiency, high-power mining equipment, which increases the pollution and harm of mine noise. Relevant research and equipment manufacturing units will work with mines to develop low-pollution diesel engines and low-noise mining equipment to protect the environment.

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