The Canadian government uses biometrics and blockchain technology to introduce a prototype of a known passenger digital identity system in the civil aviation industry

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Canadian government has announced the launch of a "Known Traveler Digital Identity" system prototype designed to test biometrics and blockchain technologies in the field of civil aviation. Application.

The Canadian government revealed that they have reached cooperation with Accenture and have conducted trial operations with the World Economic Forum's Security in Travel Project and other partners.

The "Passenger Traveler Digital Identity" system is designed to enhance the security and seamless mobility of cross-border personnel. Using biometrics, cryptography and distributed ledger technology, travelers can control the necessary information and share information in advance. Customs and other law enforcement agencies then accelerated the customs clearance process. In fact, building trust with government agencies can also increase the effectiveness of risk and security threat monitoring.

According to an official statement:

"Since the prototype of the known passenger digital identity system has been introduced, the Canadian government will again design a pilot project for proof-of-concept between countries, and further explore the application potential of emerging biometric technologies and distributed ledger technology to enhance civil aviation safety. At the same time, it will provide passengers with a seamless air travel experience. The Canadian government will cooperate with the Kingdom of the Netherlands to explore the potential of the digital identity system and will build trust and cooperation with other international partners in the future."

Prior to the introduction of the known passenger digital identity system, the Canadian government has been working with the World Economic Forum's travel security project for two years.

Marc Garneau, the Canadian Minister of Transport, said:

“Innovation is the key to improving global competitiveness, mobility and productivity. Blockchain technology can support risk-based public safety solutions that not only make air travel more efficient, but also improve travel experience effectively. ."

At this stage, the “Pay Travel Digital ID” partners include: Accenture, AccorHotels, Amadeus IT Group, AirAsia, International Airports Council (ACI), Canadian Government, Google, Hilton Worldwide, International Air Transport (IATA) ), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), Kingdom of the Netherlands, Marriott International, NEC Corporation, SAP SE, Sedicii, UK National Crime Agency, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Homeland Security, Visa Card company, and World Tourism Council (WTTC).

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