Northwest Side Oilfield Uses Sidetracking Technology to Reduce Development Costs

In 2017, the Northwest Oilfield used sidetracking technology in 31 single wells to save nearly 270 million yuan in cost, with a success rate of 100%. Among them, there are 10 wells that have independently innovated the ultra-deep small wellbore to seal the strata of complex strata, and this technology has reached the international advanced level.

Tahe Oilfield has a long new drilling cycle, large investment, and high cost. In the face of the requirements of profitable development, the oilfields fully exploited the advantages of short, flat, and fast drilling, and actively organized technological research. Six kinds of sidetracking technologies, including the formation of open hole, casing window, and sealed complex formation, have been gradually developed for the old wells' geology and engineering conditions, satisfying the need for sidetracking of various oil wells, realizing multiple sidetracking of a well, and tapping remaining oil in the old area. And it has yielded significant results in reducing development costs.

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