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Dongfeng Duolika 8-ton high-pressure cleaning vehicle chassis adopts Dongfeng second class four original chassis

Change from loading chassis models:. DFA1080SJ11D3 Engine Type: CY4102-

CE4B Chaochai 136 horsepower, the tank body uses 8 thick carbon steel, with high pressure cleaning guns, etc.

Vehicle tools.

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High-pressure cleaning vehicles: also known as pipeline dredging vehicles, road cleaning vehicles, fence cleaning vehicles, under

Water cleaning vehicle. Cleaning vehicles are mainly used for cleaning roads, square pavements, sewers,

The dredging of the pipeline and the clearing of dead mud can also be used for cleaning industrial drainage pipes.

Roads, walls, etc.


High-pressure cleaning vehicles can be equipped with sprinkler and sewage suction devices, which integrate cleaning and suction. lake

North Jiangnan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. provides you with a full range of high-pressure cleaning vehicle map

Tablets, high pressure cleaning guns, high pressure cleaning pumps, high pressure cleaning hoses, etc.


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★ The high-pressure cleaning vehicle, also known as the plumbing and cleaning vehicle, is a multifunctional sewer.

Cleaning and dredge machines are mainly used for cleaning sediments in urban sewers and pipelines.

The dredging of dead mud can also be used to clean industrial drainage pipelines, walls, etc.

It can be used for watering, transporting water and flushing roads, and can be used for fire fighting in case of emergency.


★ Sprinklers can be added to install green sprinkler, forward punch, rear sprinkler, side

Spray, can be green watering, spraying, dust, high pressure flushing the road surface. have

High pressure, saving water, long working hours, good cleaning effect. Can also add

Sewage suction function, set cleaning, suction pollution in one.


Hubei Jiangnan professional production and sales: cleaning car, high pressure cleaning car, fence cleaning car, suction

Sewage cars, suction trucks, garbage trucks and other types of sanitation vehicles, suitable for road maintenance, garden green

Sparse on the road, sewer and so on.


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