Cummins ISG Teams Up with Dragon H7 “City of Pearls” to Launch Listing

What do you think about Cummins ISG ? Strong power, 100,000 km long maintenance, fuel economy, and peace of mind! Reliable! So what happens when Cummins ISG encounters the Dragon H7? December 5, 2015 - The first Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. equipped with the Cummins ISG engine officially delivered the H7 . More than 200 customers and distributors across the country have witnessed this new historical moment in Anhui, which has a reputation as a "city of pearls."

The car must be selected for the engine, customers and dealers are very concerned about the performance of Cummins ISG engine
The car must be selected for the engine, customers and dealers are very concerned about the performance of Cummins ISG engine

Located in East China, Anhui is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta where China’s economy is most dynamic. In the process of shifting the center of China's development strategy from the eastern coast to the central and western regions, it has a unique location advantage that connects the east to the west and connects the south to the north. Anhui Province attaches great importance to the construction of transportation infrastructure. With the development of the country’s western region and the implementation of the strategy for the rise of central China, Anhui’s status as a logistic bridge for the east and west is further highlighted.

The prelude of Dongfeng Liuzhou’s selection of the LongH7 national launch in Anhui is also a reflection of Anhui’s position as an important transportation hub and the demand for a strong heavy truck market in the future.

Wang Haiqing, Chief Engineer of Cummins China Customer Engineering Department, introduces customers to the excellent performance of ISG engines
Wang Haiqing, Chief Engineer of Cummins China Customer Engineering Department, introduces customers to the excellent performance of ISG engines

Wang Haiqing, chief engineer of Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Customer Engineering Department, mentioned that "The ISG engine was designed and developed by the Cummins U.S. team, through an in-depth study of the characteristics of heavy trucks used in the Chinese market, manufacturing conditions of Chinese suppliers, and operating models of the Chinese fleet. Information makes the engine at the beginning of the design has established the concept of providing customers with value, and to meet the actual needs of customers as the development concept, is the crystallization of Cummins a number of patented technologies and advanced production processes.ISG in improving power and torque, fuel economy, safety New breakthroughs in both sex and reliability. Absolutely a world-class heavy-duty engine!"

Cummins ISG exhibition is a highlight of the day's event
Cummins ISG exhibition is a highlight of the day's event

When the Dragon H7 golden key equipped with Cummins ISG engine was handed to the first car customer, the customer excitedly said: “We can have Cummins ISG engine and we can't say anything about LongH7 power and reliability. It will definitely satisfy us. In addition, I also expect that the 100,000-km long maintenance will save us time and money.”

The customer who got the golden key smiles
The customer who got the golden key smiles

Chenglong H7 is positioned as a new generation of high-efficiency logistics heavy trucks, focusing on the needs of long-distance and efficient logistics transportation. As the "heart" of the H7, the Cummins ISG engine provides a strong driving force for H7 with lighter, more fuel-efficient, safer and more reliable breakthroughs and innovative advantages.

Lighter: The weight of the ISG engine is 30% lighter than similar models of other brands, which effectively reduces the vehicle's deadweight and improves vehicle carrying capacity and efficiency.

More fuel-efficient: ISG uses the world-leading Cummins three-valve technology to make more heat available to the turbocharger, which improves power and uses today's most advanced Cummins ultra-high pressure fuel injection system to increase fuel injection pressure and increase engine speed. With exhaust efficiency and intelligent speed control technology, these integrated technological advantages have significantly improved the engine's power, economy and emission levels.

Safer: The ISG engine uses engine-compression braking, which increases brake power by 25-50%, significantly improving driving safety.

More reliable: The ISG uses an innovative oil filter with Cummins nanomedium fuel filter and built-in synergistic slow release agent. The maintenance cycle can be extended to 100,000 kilometers. The organic integration of the engine's key components and the complete machine reduces the overall number of parts by 50%, providing higher reliability and easier maintenance.

Nowadays, China has entered the era of large-scale logistics. Having "safe, reliable, fuel-efficient, efficient, and intelligent" transport vehicles has become an important factor for logistics companies to maintain their core competitiveness. As an independent engine supplier, Cummins is constantly pursuing innovation and breakthroughs. With its absolute leading technology and advantages in the North American heavy truck market, Cummins has tailored ISG heavy power for the Chinese market. The ISG has applied a number of patented technologies from Cummins. At present, two models, ISG 11L and ISG 12L, have been introduced to the market with a power range of 310-512 hp (228-382 kW). The launch of the engine meets Euro IV, China IV and Euro V emission standards. The same platform can be upgraded to Euro VI emission standards. The ISG can be said to be an innovative, green, heavy-duty power developed by Cummins for the first time based on the needs of heavy-duty users.

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