France to develop a new frequency doubled laser module

AlphANOV, France, and Muquans, both based in Talence, France, have jointly developed a new frequency doubled laser module that efficiently generates several watts of power in the visible spectral range, which was previously difficult to achieve. This compact module produces several watts of optical power with high efficiency, excellent output beam quality and high optical stability, laying the groundwork for on-board or in-vehicle applications of high performance laser emissions of a few watts.

The module achieves optical powers in excess of 5 watts at 765nm and 805nm with more than 70% conversion efficiency (other wavelengths are also available) for use in quantum technology installations, remote sensing radars and biophotonics applications.

AlphANOV and Muquans came up with a patented technology that efficiently translates this input with excellent optical quality, regardless of input power. The fast tune of several hundred megahertz and a robust and aggressive stabilization scheme provide good stability for the module.

While this multiplier module is available as a stand-alone unit from Muquans, Muquans also offers a complete laser system for fully integrated racks, including a high-performance seed laser and an amplifier stage multiplier, as well as a dedicated super Low-noise electronics make up an out-of-the-box solution. AlphANOV also offers the development of custom laser modules.

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