Tires may be expropriated in Russia or cause excess auto parts

According to a Russian business consulting website, the Russian government recently decided to issue a list of excise products that contain car tires .

Tires may be expropriated for consumption tax in Russia
Tires may be expropriated for consumption tax in Russia

According to sources, the program is currently in the discussion stage.

Andrei Banjohoff, chairman of the Federation of Russian Tyre Manufacturers, commented on the plan and said that when new car sales decline and consumers’ purchasing power declines, levying consumption tax on car tires will only lead to further shrinking of the market and prices will rise again. .

Relevant experts emphasized that in Russia, the automobile itself is a commodity that has levied a consumption tax. If an additional consumption tax is imposed on it, this may lead to an excess of parts of the automobile.

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