Intelligent Manufacturing: The main direction of the valve industry

Intelligence is widely used in the manufacturing industry to accelerate the transformation and development of the industry. To implement the strategy of building a strong country, smart manufacturing is the main direction of the industry. After the “Made in China 2015” was issued, smart manufacturing is the core of a new round of scientific and technological revolution.

China's manufacturing 2025 is mainly to enhance industrial basic capabilities, promote industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading, accelerate the advancement of industry to the high-end, realize the inevitable requirements of sustainable and healthy economic development, and ensure that China will realize the transition from a big industrial country to an industrial powerhouse by 2025. The cornerstone of the strategy. For this reason, in 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will strengthen the top-level design as the center, focus on the key links such as application traction, platform support, and key breakthroughs, and systematically promote industrial strength-based projects.

Implementing the strategy of building a strong country, smart manufacturing is the main direction. Smart manufacturing is the core of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, and it is also the main direction of digitalization, networking, and intelligence in manufacturing. At present, the penetration rate of China's industrial enterprises in the application of digital tools in R&D and design has reached 54%, with an average annual increase of 4 percentage points in the past five years. In industrial enterprises above designated size, the proportion of numerical control equipment on the production line has reached 30%. However, there are still gaps compared with developed countries, especially in the high-end nuclear power valve, the important ZJHP pneumatic single-seat control valve, Q941F electric ball valve, Q641F pneumatic ball valve and D971X electric butterfly valve, D671X pneumatic clip-on butterfly valve, these aspects need to On the basis of the present, we will further improve the level of intelligence so that we can meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing.

Vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing is an important entry point for the deep integration of the valve industry in China in the coming period. In the new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes, all countries are actively seizing the commanding heights of the new round of development. The integration of the Internet and traditional industries is the opportunity and commanding heights that we must seize.

1. main production varieties: soft and hard biscuits.
2. The whole production line has high automation and less manpower, the whole line length is 128 meters (oven can be lengthened).
3. PLC and touch screen control, different parts are controlled separately.
4. provide free technical support, including production formula technology, mechanical deployment technology and training workers;
5. Output: 35000 tablets per hour (actual output depends on the length of the oven), 10 grams per tablet (can be prepared according to customer requirements).

Biscuits Production Line

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