Mainly look at temperament and beauty value Dongfeng commercial vehicle released 9 platforms 9 new cars

On December 15, Dongfang Commercial Vehicle 2016 New Product Launch Ceremony was held in Wuhan, Hubei. Dong Gang Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang Gang and many other senior Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles attended the press conference and shared the new cars released on the site with the media throughout the country.

9 high-level Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles unveiled the new car nameplate

Covers 4 product platforms "with their own highlights"

While various companies are preparing for the business annual meeting, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles chose the annual new car launch conference in Wuhan on the eve of the December 16 business conference, which is ingenious. Dongfeng commercial vehicles do so naturally have their own ground, in addition to this year's relatively good performance and a stable market share, the new car displayed at this conference also has its own spot.

According to reports, thanks to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.'s extensive product line, after many years of intensive cultivation, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles has been leading the industry in models that represent the development trend of the industry, especially express delivery, cold chain, hazardous chemicals, and LTL. Such market segments have a share of more than 50%. In order to consolidate the superior position of market segments and promote more efficient development of domestic logistics, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, based on existing good products, has further subdivided the logistics market through technology upgrades and quality optimization, and has introduced nine new models to meet the requirements of various customers. demand.

The 9 new cars launched at the conference covered 4 product platforms, namely, Dongfeng Tianlong flagship express train, Dongfeng Tianlong sailed version of fuel-saving new benchmarking line logistics vehicle, Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang version of scattered coal train, Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang Express Express Truck, Dongfeng Tianjin Express Express, Dongfeng Tianlong Bulk Goods Transporter, Dongfeng Tianlong KC Compound Transport Muck, Dongfeng Tianlong KC Loaded Transport Muck and Dongfeng Highway Compound Flyover Bridge Efficient transportation vehicles.

Huang Gang, General Manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. was interviewed

The reporter learned that these 9 new cars are based on the Tianlong flagship, Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang version, Dongfeng Tianlong and Dongfeng Tianjin product platforms, and they have passed technology upgrades. They are dedicated to express line services, special line logistics, coal distribution, express delivery, and LTL. There are many key market segments such as express delivery, scattered agricultural and agricultural products, engineering compounding, and highway compounding, and new logistics and transportation products have been launched.

Among them, the Dongfeng Tianlong flagship line express train (ISZ480 + DT1425 + 6 x 4 lightweight chassis), is a light weight (9.5 tons), chassis robust 6x4 tractor, equipped with 13 480 hp engine, the maximum torque of 2300N m, to meet the requirements of all working conditions.

Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang Edition

Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang version of the new benchmark fuel-efficient logistics vehicle (dCi420+DT1420+6x4/6x2 lightweight chassis), designed for the most typical of the plain high-speed, comprehensive conditions, mountain national road, after two years more than 100,000 km road Driving test, complete three kinds of power matching systems, provide users with the best power quality and fuel efficiency; oil products, filter core synchronization upgrade, 40,000 km maintenance program to provide users with at least the number of station maintenance; using a mature technology leading 11 The engine and the lightest 14-speed transmission in China have been built, and a number of customer cases have passed through 1.5 million kilometers of no-overhaul tests. Power, reliability, and fuel economy continue to lead the country.

Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang version of the new benchmark fuel-efficient logistics vehicle

Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang Express Co., Ltd. (dCi420 + DT1420 + full brake + air suspension + 4x2 lightweight chassis), is the first domestic 420 large horsepower, 4X2 air suspension, full disk, low saddle, large radius of gyration Express special tractors. The industry saves loading time and achieves efficient transportation. The annual operating mileage reaches 300,000 kilometers. The saddle is highly advanced in the technical industry (height ≤ 1250mm), and the volume of the container is larger, bringing benefits to customers over 20,000 yuan/year.

Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang Express Co., Ltd.

The Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang version bulk coal truck is equipped with a 11-liter engine that is technologically advanced. It is a 420-horsepower 6X2 tractor with light weight and capacity for coal transportation. Its fuel tank capacity is 450L, and its cruising range is 30% higher than that of the industry.

Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang version of the distribution of coal vehicles

Dongfeng Tianjin efficient feeder express car (EQH180 + DF6S900 + limited box long-load truck chassis), is a model of express regional transportation, mature and reliable chassis; adhering to Dongfeng Tianjin excellent workmanship, safety and comfort features, while upgrading the electric windows and storage Space, four steering wheels and other user-friendly design; sampling and design according to the user's road profile, improve fuel economy (oil consumption from one-hundred kilometers to 15.5L), reduce urea consumption (by 6% to 4%); take The ultimate volume design increases the volume from 45 cubic meters to 49 cubic meters, the power is upgraded, and the economical speed is increased by 10%; it meets the Beijing Five emission regulations and leads the new environmental protection standards for China Card.

Dongfeng Tianjin efficient feeder express car

Dongfeng Tianlong San groceries-loaded transporter (DDi75315+9JS gearbox + 8x4 truck chassis) is a benchmark model for agricultural and casual bulk cargo transportation. The chassis is mature, stable and reliable. It is equipped with Dongfeng DDi75 diesel engine and has achieved the most advanced design technology and manufacturing technology in the medium-sized machine field in China. It continues to provide users with more reliable engine quality, more abundant power configuration and more economical fuel-saving technologies.

Dongfeng Tianlong San grocery cargo carrier truck

Dongfeng Tianlong KC compound transportation slag truck (dCi350+12JS gearbox +13 ton-level flushing bridge shell wheel bridge +6x4 heavy load slag truck chassis) is a brand-new design after three years of development and is the first to undergo rigorous testing and development. Tianlong brand dump truck. New passability design standard, 700mm ground clearance can achieve the best vehicle passability; engineering vehicle special air intake system, chassis technology, axle structure and bumper, experienced the most demanding gantry, road and user verification.

Dongfeng Tianlong KC Compound Transportation Dump Truck

Dongfeng Tianlong KC standard transported slag truck (ISL340+10JS gearbox +13 ton ballasted bridge shell wheel minus bridge +6x4 standard ash muck chassis) also took 3 years to build new design, which was rigorously tested and developed. Tianlong brand dump truck. New passability design standard, 700mm ground clearance for optimal vehicle passability; construction vehicle-specific air intake system, chassis technology, axle structure and bumper, experienced the most demanding bench, road and user use verification . The whole vehicle adopts a lightweight design, which is more fuel-efficient and more efficient. It saves 10% of the fuel compared with the construction of composite goods vehicles. The annual operation can reach 60,000 kilometers, saving 36,000 yuan.

Dongfeng Tianlong KC Standard Transport Trailer

Dongfeng Highway compound wheel bridge efficient transporter (dCi350+12JS gearbox+16 ton rear axle+8x4 mine dumper chassis) Matching wheel and bridge configuration, the attendance rate in complex working conditions is higher than 8% in the same industry, and annual revenue increases 24,000 yuan; the industry's largest volume of 26 square meters, compared with similar products, single-drag 6, annual income increased by 30,000 yuan, is the industry's most pulled goods, the chassis of the lightest of the road compound transporter.

Dongfeng Highway Compound Wheel Bridge Efficient Transport Vehicle

Listen to the views of different parties came to customers from the customer to go <br> <br> addition to more market segments, this new release also more human, more humane care shining light. The most prominent manifestation of this feature is that it listens to opinions from users and conducts research and development. It also learns from the 1.5 million-kilometer-long overhauled customer case that it has accumulated to make improvements.

Xie Xiaohu, Deputy Minister of Commodity Development of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., said at the press conference, “The design concept of these 9 new products are all from the customer voice under different working conditions and conditions under different conditions. Among them, productivity, integrity, Fuel economy, driver efficiency and safety are the most important aspects of these opinions, and it is customer value drivers that guide the development of new technologies and new products."

In terms of the characteristics of these vehicles and improvement of key technologies, engine technology, transmission technology, chassis technology, cab technology, driving control technology, driving performance technology, vehicle technology, post-market technology, brand value, etc., became Xie Xiaohu's mouth. The advantages of new vehicles and the focus of future efforts.

In addition to technical advantages, the other major advantage of the nine new cars is also embodied in humanity. From the users to the users, it is the external performance of humanization and humanistic care. For example, the Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang version of the new benchmark fuel-efficient logistics vehicle is a case of a batch of customers that have experienced 1.5 million kilometers of no major repairs accumulated by Dongfeng. They listened to the opinions of users and listened to their voices. They were dynamic and reliable. Sex and fuel economy are improved and upgraded.

In the following activities, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. will also host the second season news conference of Dongfeng Tianlong China Truck Driver Contest. The first “Dragon Dragon” champion Zhou Kaisheng will also attend and share their feelings and total. The change that the championship title brings to you.

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