Where titanium dioxide "heating"

The titanium dioxide market in China has developed rapidly with the upgrading of demand in the past decade, leading to blind expansion, low-end product surplus, and fierce competition. Under the global economic downturn and the drop in crude oil prices, the titanium dioxide industry has entered a low point of development. Transformation and upgrading are important tasks that are imminent.
Industry experts pointed out that China's titanium dioxide industry is in a critical period of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and needs to do the following key tasks.

1. Strengthen the development, promotion and utilization of technological transformation and energy-saving emission reduction technologies, and strive to build a green eco-type titanium dioxide industry. The development of a green recycling economy is a hot spot in the market. Titanium dioxide enterprises must establish a multi-level technical innovation talent team that meets the actual needs of the industry, upgrade the core technology of high-end products, increase the utilization rate of resource energy consumption, and vigorously develop low energy consumption, low sulfur, and low carbon. The product.

2. Vigorously promote the "go global" and "please come in" strategies and increase the level of internationalization. In the face of fierce competition in the domestic market, enterprises should make full use of both international and domestic resources and two markets, strengthen international operations, and deepen economic and technological cooperation. It is necessary to actively introduce advanced foreign technology and exchange and cooperation with international advanced enterprises. We must also make full use of the conditions to go abroad and develop foreign markets.

3. Titanium dioxide enterprises need to change their business strategies and attach importance to service quality. At present, most companies still focus only on energy, energy consumption, and cost indicators, and lack the in-depth exploration of customer needs to provide personalized services. Domestic titanium dioxide enterprises should strive to approach customers, serve customers, and even participate in customer product design research and development, and be responsible for the subsequent processing and distribution, to achieve service front-end, to form a front-to-rear service system, enhance the company's operating service system, and create a dominant brand.

Therefore, the titanium dioxide industry must successfully survive the cold winter, must further realize technological innovation, technological transformation, from low-end product development and sales to the development of high-end technology products, improve the sulfuric acid process titanium dioxide production process, to achieve energy-saving emission reduction, recycling economy can Sustained development, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, survive and develop in adversity.

Elevator Speed Governor

  1. Elevator Rope Governor
  2. Elevator Speed Governor
  3. elevator governor
  4. lift overspeed governor
  5. Elevator Speed Limiter
  6. Tension force: 500N≤L<3900N


  1. Bellow-Installed Elevator Speed Governor , Lift Speed Limited for Safety
  2. Wire Rope Elevator Speed Governor For Two-way Safety Gear , PB276
  3. Machine Roomless Elevator Speed Governor , 0.5m/s - 1.75m/s PB208
  4. Elevator Speed Governor ,0.25m/s - 2.5m/s Wire Rope PB56
  5. Elevator Speed Governor , Safety Device , PB73.3

Elevator Speed Governor, Elevator Speed Limiter Elevator Speed Governor System

Elevator Speed Governor

Elevator Speed Governor, Elevator Speed Governor System, Elevator Speed Limiter

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