The new material can achieve the LCD screen in extreme hot and cold environment to work properly

The recent proliferation of liquid crystal (LC) displays in automotive applications - head-up displays, meter displays, navigation systems and entertainment displays. However, today's liquid crystal display technology remains challenged in extremely cold and extremely hot weather, and extreme temperatures can result in blurred images and slow display.

Professor Wu Shicong, from the University of Florida's School of Optics and Photonics, and colleagues from Central University of Florida, Xi'an Institute of Modern Chemistry and Japan's DIC Corporation, have developed three new LC blends that overcome the need for higher and lower operating temperatures Physical limitations.

Professor Wu said LC should have a clearing point above 100 ° C and a melting point below -40 ° C beyond which LC will not work because of freezing or isotropy.

Low viscosity at low temperature

For their LC to work over a wide temperature range, the researchers mixed twelve tricyclic and tetracyclic compounds with low molecular weight compounds. This type of mixture is called a eutectic system. In addition to having a higher clearing point, the mixture also has a lower viscoelastic coefficient and activation energy. These features enable the LC to maintain a lower viscosity at lower temperatures, whereas the response time of liquid crystal displays is mainly affected by the thickness of the liquid crystal layer and the viscoelastic coefficient.

Current European automotive standards require pixel response times varying from one brightness to another at 200 milliseconds (-20 ° C) and 300 milliseconds (-30 ° C) to avoid image blurring. The reaction time of Wu and his colleagues is about 10 milliseconds, which is about 20 times the speed of Europe. In addition, these blends enable field color display at higher temperatures with triple density resolution and display brightness. This method improves the environmental contrast of the head-up display during the daytime.

Future work by Wu and colleagues includes the development of the integration of ultra-thin LCDs and rear-view mirrors to eliminate drivers' blind spots and improve the readability of all types of automotive displays in dazzling conditions.

1) Fgd Pump restricting parts adopt the advanced flow simulation technology to guarantee the reliable pump design and the high operating efficiency.
2) The anticorrosion & antiwear metal and rubber materials which are specifically developed for FGD pumps have been proved by the practice that, they can ensure the long life pump operation.
Through adjusting the bearing components to change the impeller position in the pump chamber all time high efficient operation of the pump can be achieved. The pump is characterized by the back knock-down structure which is simple and advanced.
3) It is easy to maintain and repair and it is on need dismantling inlet and outlet water pipes. 
The containerized mechanical seal specially used for the desulphurization process is adopted and its operation is reliable.

we have developed a new kind of specialized material which possesses the duplex stainless steel's anti-corrosive property and the high chrome white iron's anti-abrasive property in FGD process.
In the rubber pump casing, impeller, suction cover/cover plate are all made of specialized anti-wear and anti-corrosive material: the material of front liner, back liner and back liner insert are natural rubber having excellent anti-corrosive property.
In metal pump casing, impeller, volute liner, suction plate and back plate are all made of specialized anti-wear and anti-corrosive material, the suction cover are made of ductile iron with rubber.

Fgd Power Plant Sump Pump and circulating desulphurization FGD pump are mainly used to handle slurry with smoke in absorption tower of electric power station, 
that is thermal power plant FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) Project.


Desulfuration FGD Pump

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