About JT-T textile raw material moisture meter question answer

JT-T textile raw material moisture meter can be used to quickly measure the moisture regain (moisture) of cheese yarn, clothing, grey cloth, fabric and leather. Usually, many users’ friends will encounter some doubts during the actual operation. The unified answers are as follows:
Question one: Can a single sheet measure? How thick does the fabric need to be when measuring?
Answer: First, we need to understand how this instrument works. The instrument uses electromagnetic wave sensing technology to work, the depth of the electromagnetic wave scan at the probe can reach 50 mm deep; therefore, when measuring, the fabric, leather and other measurement objects must be picked up or superimposed to a thickness of 50 mm or more. Measure its exact moisture regain. If you just measure a piece of fabric on a table, the measured data is not just the moisture of the fabric, but also the moisture content of the wooden table.
Question 2: When measuring cloth and clothing, how should the instrument probe be placed?
Answer: After superimposing the thickness of cloth, clothing, leather, etc. to 50mm or more, place it on the desktop or on the ground, hold the lower part of the instrument, and place the instrument shell roughly parallel to the object to be measured, gently pressing the instrument head over the Above the measuring object. When the data is stable, it is the moisture regain value of the material.
Question 3: Does the data measured with the JT-T Moisture Analyzer require reprocessing?
Answer: Some users' friends have asked, is it necessary to divide the data of 25 layers of fabric using this rehab meter? The electromagnetic wave of the JT-T instrument scans moisture within 50mm thickness, and the average moisture regain of the fabric within 50mm thickness is measured, so no further treatment is required.
Question 4: When using the JT-T moisture meter for textile raw material to measure cheese yarn, where should the probe be measured?
Answer: The cheese yarn has side and cross sections (two heads). When measuring, the two textures are different. The correct measurement method is to gently press the instrument's probe to the side for measurement.
Question 5: Do all the three sensing probes of the JT-T moisture meter need to be in contact with the measured object?
Answer: Yes. The three sensors of the instrument need to completely touch the object to be measured in order to effectively form a complete circuit. Only one sensor or two sensors are touched, and the measured data is inaccurate.

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