Wuxi promotes ATM machine hundred yuan banknote filing system residents no longer worry about taking counterfeit money

Wuxi to promote the ATM machine hundred dollar billing record system residents no longer worry about taking fake banknote diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-03-20

Wuxi, Jiangsu became the first city in the country to fully promote the 100 dollar billing system for ATM machines. At present, all the ATMs in Wuxi have already achieved the function of recording, storing, and checking the number of the crown. In other words, every dollar bill from the ATM machine in Wuxi City can be traced to find out whether the ATM machine will “spit” counterfeit bills and will have a fair “decision”.
The reporter learned from the People’s Bank of Wuxi that since last year, all banks in Wuxi have promoted the allocation of ATMs, as well as the functions of storing and checking the number of the serial number. All banknotes placed in the ATM must be recorded by the relevant equipment for the number of the crown, or the image must be stored on the front and back of the hundred-dollar bill to ensure that each hundred-dollar bill has a record. When the customer withdraws money from the ATM machine, he or she thinks that money is abnormal and can go to the bank for related inquiries.
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