The third-generation nuclear power waste heat pump passed the certification

It is reported that the AP1000 nuclear power station waste heat removal pump independently researched and developed by the Shanghai private-owned enterprise Kaiquan Pump Group has officially passed the experts appraisal organized by the China National Machinery Industry Federation by the National Energy Administration and is expected to be installed in the AP1000 third-generation nuclear power plant under construction in China.

AP1000 is the most advanced third-generation nuclear power technology in the world. At present, only one German company in the world can provide waste heat removal pumps. It is understood that last year's Great Earthquake in Japan caused the shutdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The waste heat pump failed to start normally due to the tsunami, which caused the reactor to cause explosions and nuclear leaks due to the hot melt. Therefore, whether the residual heat pump can work normally is directly related to the safety of nuclear power facilities. According to reports, Kaiquan pump waste heat pump developed as a nuclear AP1000 normal waste heat removal system, the key equipment, the main task is to stop the reactor when the reactor or a failure, in the shortest possible time into the reactor coolant to help the reactor heat.

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