Jiangxi Sproeu Agrochemicals has been approved for production

National pesticide designated enterprise-Jiangxi Shipu Run Agrochemical Co., Ltd. is a pesticide production enterprise established by reorganization, relocation, and rebranding of Liyuan Chemical Technology Industrial Company in Jiangxi Province. The annual output of 4,000 tons of cyanogen, chlorpyrifos, abamectin Such compounded pesticides were relocated from Nanchang City to Taihe Industrial Park in 2011. The first-phase compounded pesticide project with an annual output of 1,500 tons was started in March 2011. Jiangxi Shipu Run Agrochemical Co., Ltd. was approved to put into operation in February this year after it passed the environmental protection inspection in Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province.

End Brushes are considered a suitable choice for precision treatment and for areas that are difficult to access, as these tools run in small sizes. They are used for deburring materials and tools. Compatible materials include rubber and plastic variations. Aesthetically, the filaments are bundled into the cup, and the filler generally spans outward to contact hard to reach areas when the corresponding power tool is in operation. End brushes are typically available in crimped and knotted configurations.

Crimped Wire End Brushes

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