The standard parts market model is shifting to a production-oriented service company in 2012

In industrially developed countries, the development of standard parts is more important, especially the standard parts of moulds. Because the mold is a product formed by the tool. Mold standard parts can play a role in ensuring the quality of industrial products. As China's economy has entered a stable period, the industrial structure has been gradually optimized, and the quality requirements for industrial products have become higher and higher. This has led to higher and higher requirements for mold standard parts.

In recent years, the growth rate of the demand for standard parts in China is 5%-10%, and the demand for 2008 standard parts is 3.13 million tons, an increase of 9.5% year-on-year. Among them, the automobile industry is the largest user, followed by the maintenance of the industrial market and the construction industry, and then electronics industry. In order to stimulate domestic demand, the government has introduced a number of policies to support manufacturing. In the government's 4 trillion yuan investment plan, the focus is on railways, highways, airports, power grids, and affordable housing infrastructure. The most direct benefit is the equipment manufacturing industry. This will greatly stimulate the demand for standard parts. In particular, the demand for high-strength standard parts with 16-30mm specifications ≥10.9 will increase rapidly. In addition, the development of the aviation industry has also played a strong supporting role in the demand for standard parts. For example, the Boeing Company plans to add 3,400 new aircrafts in the future. This data will bring new development and demand opportunities to the standard parts industry.

"Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do good." Enterprises are the mainstay of development. It's easier said than done! If the failure of the transition will lead to a failure, but not transformation and upgrading, the road to enterprise development will sooner or later come to an end. In 2012, the standard parts enterprises must first inspire the spirit, adhere to the road of development, and transition to “intensive, special, and special” intensive, production and service-oriented enterprises. The following 5 suggestions are for reference:

1. Accelerate product structure adjustment and vigorously develop high-performance, high-intensity, and high-value-added products. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Model Association, stated that after the development in 2011, China has achieved remarkable results in the aviation and automotive industries, becoming a big country in construction machinery, and the country’s construction machinery industry has become more and more important in the country’s discourse and standard parts companies have begun to realize To firmly rely on the opportunities for the revitalization and development of automobiles, new energy, high-speed railways, aerospace, and IT industries, products must shift from low-intensity to high-strength specifications, from ordinary standard parts to non-standard shaped parts, and from low-value-added to high-additions. The importance of value transfer, in order to have the market right to speak, occupy more market share.

2, based on the domestic market, open up new markets for export. With the frequent occurrence of trade frictions, standard parts companies must have sufficient understanding and have a single export risk. Enterprises should base themselves on the domestic sales market and move toward internalization. On the other hand, we must also see the entire world economy slow down. This year's The export situation is even more severe. In this regard, we have explored more potential markets in South America, North America, Asia, and Southeast Asia.

3, the replacement of new production equipment, the introduction of advanced technology. In order to meet the market demand, many companies began to attach importance to the introduction of advanced equipment, such as the 40 million standard equipment to replace the new equipment, Feida greatly increased production efficiency and enhance the ability of enterprises to take orders; Shanghai Superscript Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. used the first The finite element analysis technology developed by German CPM Company has optimized the quality of the product and increased the production efficiency by 100%. With the replacement of new production equipment and the introduction of advanced technologies, the production efficiency of enterprises has been greatly improved. On the other hand, companies have also eased the pressure of rising labor costs.

4, comply with harmony, based on environmental protection. At present, many domestic enterprises are developing high-tech, low-energy, and low-pollution products by advocating scientific and technological progress and technological innovation. This not only effectively increases the technological content and added value of products, but also caters to the sustainable development of the country. need. Therefore, the standard parts industry should strengthen the cooperation with the iron and steel companies, continuously develop new steel grades, vigorously promote energy-saving annealing-free and non-refining new steel grades, new technologies, and new processes, improve the processing level of raw materials for cold heading, and reduce energy consumption and emissions. , take the road of green environmental protection.

5, the trend of the development of the Internet, innovative marketing model.

In recent years, China’s standard parts industry has been constantly optimized and developed, but traditional sales channels can hardly break the deadlock in the foreign capital monopoly market, thereby limiting its development. In 2012, the development of China’s sub-commerce was in a period of rapid development, and standard parts were used as traditional industries. Engage with the new economy, new technologies and the Internet. At present, most companies implement new channels for online transactions through e-commerce channels and explore the development model of “e-commerce+professional companies+small manufacturing”.

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