Xinjiang Bingtuan Workers Delivered 100,000 Newspapers, Magazines, and Diseases for 10 Years

Xinjiang Bingtuan employees have been sick for 10 years to issue newspapers and magazines 100,000 diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2012-03-16

Urumqi March 16 electricity Lei Feng once said: a person to do a good thing, but not easy is to do good things, do not do bad things. An ordinary cadre, a patient suffering from cancer, could follow Lei Feng as an example. He was obliged to release newspapers and magazines for government officials and cadres for 10 years. He took practical actions to implement the spirit of Lei Feng and realize the value of life. His selflessness. The spirit of dedication touched every cadre worker in the group. He is Jiang Ping, the cadre of the 136th Agricultural Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.
In 2000, Jiang Ping suffered from rhinitis. During his illness, he had published a "A Brief History of the 136 Group", a "136 Group Repertory", and a "136 Group of outstanding communists." "Charisma" and "One-six-sixth mission data compilation picture edition" and other four 900,000-word history books, and in 2010 won the title of "National Advanced Workers in Party History".
Although his body was sick, this did not affect Jiang Ping's passion for hard work. He always wanted to do more useful things for the community during his lifetime. Seeing that Zhu Meiyun, a member of the staff of the agency, is a lesbian with lumbar disc herniation, she has to clean up more than a dozen offices and conference rooms every day, and she also distributes a large number of newspapers and magazines, and she also administers family planning work. The amount is too much. Jiang Ping looked in his eyes and he was anxious. From 2002 onwards, he took the initiative to discuss with Zhu Meiyun and volunteered to help her distribute newspapers and magazines to her units in order to reduce her workload.
In the past 10 years, Jiang Ping took Lei Feng as an example, dragged his sick body into obscurity, insisted on distributing newspapers and magazines, and had not interrupted the day. In the past 10 years, about 100,000 newspapers and magazines were distributed. Every day, the newspapers and magazines were delivered to the hands of every branch cadre and staff. When they saw the comrades in the units getting newspapers to read newspapers and newspapers for the first time, Jiang Ping felt that this was a happy and happy day in his heart.
Jiang Ping told reporters that in the past few years, he was physically ill and could not make any special contribution to the mission. He could only do something ordinary in his ordinary work. Lei Feng is an exemplary model of the era, that is, his own example. He has to devote a limited amount of his life to investing in the unlimited work for the people. He will continue to work hard to release newspapers and magazines.
Jiang Ping made special contributions in his ordinary work. His advanced deeds touched every employee of the 136 groups. Over the years, he has won the “Agricultural Eighth Division Shihezi City Party History Advanced Workers”, “Nongjiashishi Shihezi City Ten Best Era Models”, “Shicheng Pioneer”, “Bing Cadres Excellent Party Members”, and “National Party History Advanced worker "honorable title.
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