Jiangdong Shipyard Turbine Branch 135000T main engine oil circulation successful inspection

On March 7, 2012, the inspection of the 1#35000T main engine oil circulation was successfully completed. This is the staged achievement of the construction and production of the Changjiang Heavy Industry Jiangdong Shipyard Turbine Branch.
Since the start of the main engine oil cycle, the schedule of the ship has been extremely severe. Under heavy pressure, the turbine branch will mobilize the elites, grasp the progress, catch up with the construction period, make time difference, and the space is poor, overcome the adverse effects of rainy days, and compete for the ultimate potential of manpower, material resources and other resources to make the work in an orderly manner, ensuring that all work is carried out in an orderly manner. The planned quality and quantity are completed.
Before the Spring Festival, the task of the main engine oil circulation has been pressed in front of the tube assembly team. The leaders of the turbine plant have considered the time period to be short, and arranged for Han Degui, and the two comrades Fu Lingxing personally took the comrades in the tube to fight. The front line of production has been working overtime until the New Year's Eve. Just after the Spring Festival, the horn of the work has not yet sounded. They gave up the Spring Festival holiday and continued to put into production on the third day of the third day. Before the total inspection of the oil circulation, the external pressure of the circulating oil tank is checked to eliminate the inspection of the water seepage. In order to make the oil pipeline production, installation and oil stringing work smoothly, except for the pipelines specified by the factory. In addition to the standard, bold technical reforms were carried out. For the first time, the shock absorbers were installed on the system. All the detachable parts of the pipelines to be cleaned were completely dismantled, the surface was returned to the factory, and the personnel were carefully cleaned with towels inside each pipe. After passing the inspection and inspection by the shipowner, the package is sealed and returned to the ship. For non-removable penetrating pipe fittings and valve parts, the pipe comrades are required to be cleaned and oiled with white cloth and rust remover.
From February to March, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River encountered a rare and severe rainy weather in the past 60 years, which seriously affected the progress of various work, especially the humid environment, which easily affected the clean and rust removal of pipelines. The examination was extremely strict. At this time, Han Degui and Fu Lingxing, based on their many years of work experience, arranged for the staff to work 24 hours a day and strictly control the weight. Every three hours, the washing line is hammered with a wooden hammer to ensure the effect of oil injection. The 1#35000T main unit was cleaned twice in two cycles to ensure that all parts and systems of the engine were in a normal state.
It is through the fact that they ignore the cold and rainy weather, use hardworking sweat, be patient and meticulous in the face of difficulties, and strive to win the battle. Under various difficult conditions, the successful inspection of the main engine oil circulation has been realized, which has created conditions for the delivery of 1#35000T.

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