High-performance logistics partners look for Jiaxing Jiangling Kairui wide body light truck

When it comes to wide-body light trucks, many logistics companies are not unfamiliar. This is a type of light truck that is one size larger than either the specification or the cargo quality. The wheelbase covers a wide range of 3.3-5.2M. Jiangling Kairui is a typical representative of this type of wide body light truck. Its outstanding feature is strong load capacity. It is the rapid development of China’s macroeconomic and high-speed road network construction that has brought about the vigorous development of wide-body light trucks, mainly medium and long-distance freight, which currently account for 15% of the total light truck industry. As a wide-body light truck designed for medium-to-long-distance and inter-city logistics, Dora Run is the most important factor in creating economic value, and it is also the fundamental requirement of users for wide-body light trucks. To meet this requirement, it is not only possible to pull as much cargo as possible, even if it is overloaded. It requires that the amount of freight used has sufficient capacity while being durable and maintain the high attendance of the vehicle. High security and low failure rate for true efficient transportation.

In terms of bearing capacity, some wide-body light trucks currently on the market look from the outside, and the girders are thick and large and strong, but thick and thick does not mean good bearing performance. On the contrary, the emphasis on steel materials is heavy load. Taking Jiangling Kairui, which is hot on the market, as an example, the chassis girder is stamped and formed with high resistance to twisting, and high-strength steel forging is also used to strengthen the rear axle to ensure the superior bearing performance and durability of the chassis. Although it seems that Kairui has no exaggerated sturdiness, its design strength is far higher than the design value of 120% of the national standard required for carrying capacity, and it is superior in terms of flexibility and lightness. Its fuel consumption per 100 km is 5 less than that of the same model. %the above.

In addition to the bearing capacity, vehicles are also testing the soft power of production companies in terms of matching and assembly processes. Jiangling Kairui follows the Japanese Isuzu technology, which is more suitable for road conditions in China while ensuring compatibility. In the assembly process, Jiangling light truck process technology is rigorous. For example, many models on the market currently have a finger-to-finger gap between the door and the body after the door is closed, causing a lot of noise in the driver and seriously affecting the air conditioning effect. The gap between the door and the body of Jiangling Kairui is extremely subtle and almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye, which ensures a quieter cab and a more comfortable driving environment, which greatly improves the driving experience in the cab. In terms of comfort, Jiangling Kairui is not inferior to assisting the steering system to make the driver's steering operations more light, which greatly reduces the driver's work intensity and improves driving safety.

In addition, transportation efficiency is the most concerned issue for truck users, and Jiangling Kairui can be said to establish a new benchmark in this respect. While the demand for wide-body light trucks is growing rapidly, customers are increasingly demanding the quality and grade of wide-body light trucks. Jiangling Kairui is born in response to this demand. Jiangling Kai Rui's 4JB1 electronically controlled high pressure common rail Euro III engine can be upgraded to the European V standard, while the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 8 liters. The load capacity is equivalent to that of JAC and Dongfeng with the same specifications. The highest safe speed of 115km/h far exceeds that of the same model, fully demonstrating that Jiangling Kairui has a leapfrog in terms of safety and comfort relative to traditional wide-body light trucks. The promotion. ”

At the same time, the matching and assembly process are not only reflected in the new car. After the vehicle is used for a long period of time, the vehicle with excellent quality can still maintain a good vehicle condition, which greatly prolongs the service life of the vehicle. This is why the Jiangling light truck used vehicle resale. When the residual value is higher, it is more welcomed by industry customers. Since its launch, Jiangling Kairui has been known for its superb capacity and reliable quality. It has been the best-selling widebody light truck for many years.

It is understood that Jiangling Kai Rui is jointly researched and developed by China, the United States and Japan, and has invested nearly 70 million in three years. It not only absorbed the quality technology of Japan Isuzu, but also integrated into Ford's "safe, reliable, trustworthy" concept. With nearly 2 million kilometers of localization verification, it achieved the highest efficiency, comfort, and safety in the same domestic model. Level. But even so, Jiangling Kairui can only be regarded as the "little younger brother" of the Jiangling light truck family. The new generation of light truck products with stronger technology renewal power and more environmental protection will also be asked in the coming year. Jiangling Motors' involvement in the wide-body truck sector will undoubtedly increase its focus on efficiency, safety and comfort.

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