Depression in the postpartum woman suspected her husband’s affair jumped from the 4th floor window

Women suffering from depression after suspicion husband husband affair jumped from the 4th floor window diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-03-16

The newborn who has fallen on the ground has brought a new life, but the endless troubles have followed, and the little dream has fallen into such distress. Ever since he had had a baby, Xiao Meng has felt that her husband has returned home later than before. Did he have an affair? This guess always interferes with a little dream. The relationship between her and her husband has gradually turned red.
On the morning of the 11th, the conflict broke out again. Her husband was so angry that he had to leave home. A small dream threatened to jump down from the window on the fourth floor. A muffled noise came from the ground floor...
New mother jumps from window in 4th floor
"Someone jumped from the 4th floor!" At 10:00 on the 11th, Chen Jiaping's patrol platform received an alarm. Subsequently, police stars Chen Xing and He Tao immediately drove to the site of the incident.
At that time, under the light rain, the road was surrounded by crowds. On the balcony on the second floor of a residential building in Chenjiaping, a young woman in her 20s bowed her back and put her knees and hands on the floor. She continued to read in her mouth: " Waist sticks hurt..."
Injury to the waist, if improper treatment may hurt the spine, the police do not dare to act rashly, waiting for 120 arrived.
"I couldn't hold it back. The waist was sore. I wanted to die..." The woman groaned in pain. Chen Xing immediately supported the woman's arms and she squatted on the floor, limping and leaning her back on her lap. A moment later, the 120 ambulance arrived and the woman was safely sent to the Western Suburb Hospital of Chongqing. Dr. Lu said the doctor, the woman's spine and pelvic bones and other fractures, but did not find the spine dislocation, there is no sign of delirium.
After understanding, the woman called Xiao Meng, who lived on the 8th floor of this residential building because he and his husband Xiao Yu’s bicker had jumped from the window on the fourth floor and fell to the balcony on the second floor. She and her husband also had a baby who was more than three months old and had not been weaned.
Suspect the husband "outside someone"
At present, Xiao Meng has been out of danger.
Xiao Meng said that after giving birth to a baby, the small family should have laughed and laughed, but she always felt that something was wrong and she was very anxious every day. Recently, her husband Xiao Yu often returned home several hours late. Although he explained that he was learning to drive a school car, Xiao Meng did not believe it. For a long time, she guessed whether her husband was outside.
On the 11th day, the two quarreled at home for a little trifle. Xiaoyu could not understand why his gentle and considerate wife had become more and more violent and anxious to leave. After seeing this, Xiao Meng’s pursuing on the 4th floor said arrogantly: “If you want to leave home, I will jump. But Xiaoyu did not take this seriously, but did not expect that Xiao Meng has already Climb up the window of the stairwell and leap out of the window. Xiaoyu ran and pulled, but it was too late.
Is severe postpartum depression
Yesterday, Huang Huan, head of the Lanzhou postpartum adjustment and rehabilitation center, said that some women may have postpartum depression due to physical and psychological factors after the child is born, and the patient is nervous, suspicious, guilty, fearful, and there are very few serious meetings. There are ideas and actions that are desperate, away from home, hurt children, or be suspicious.
Huang Huan believes that small dreams have jumped out of the building, which is already a very serious post-partum depression. “Marital problems, hormonal changes, the stress of new mothers' lives, and the traumatic experiences of childbirth can all lead to postpartum depression. If the dream is willing, we can do postpartum counseling for her for free and help her out of the shadow.”
1. Obsessive-compulsive disorder Postpartum depression carries a certain obsessive-compulsive disorder because of a large change in posture, lack of self-confidence, and mistrust of her husband. She always suspects her husband’s infidelity and leads to feelings of fading. At the same time, in the face of a small life, the new mother will be scared and panicked, worry about taking care of her unhealthy baby, and always illusion about the sudden death of the baby.
2. Agitated mothers are easily anxious, always worry about their baby and their physical condition; easily provoked and angry at family members for no reason; lack of concentration, dullness, slow response and forgetfulness; lack of interest or pleasure in most activities Feelings; feeling useless or guilty of living; sometimes it is difficult to raise interest or even disgust to the baby, but will be blamed.
3. Depression: Loss of appetite, and thus weight loss; easy insomnia, early sleep, fatigue and fatigue; tears inexplicable; reluctance to participate in social activities, and even misanthrope, suicidal thoughts, self-mutilation tendencies.
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New mother has the following symptoms, please be alert
â—‹ After I finished my baby, I was very anxious every day and I always felt something was wrong.
○ The husband said that he returned late because he had a car, but I don’t believe it...
Huang Huan pointed out that letting the mood relax, waiting for the body to re-adapt to changes in hormone levels, quiet rest, etc., postpartum depression can actually be autonomous.
Prescription 1: Family members are more concerned and husbands are more considerate.
The new mother's family should not only be immersed in adding to the baby's happiness, but neglect the maternal psychological changes.
Because there is a baby, the new father will feel a lot of pressure. The new mother must understand her husband's hard work and family's dedication, and do not think that only oneself "works hard". The husband should also understand the wife's postpartum physical changes and take care of the baby's hard work. Should be more concerned about his wife, more praise for her, give her some substantive help, such as buying a plastic belly pants, a set of skin care products, etc., do not always turn around the baby.
Prescription 2: moderate exercise + good sleep
Sports can keep people happy, and new mothers do the right amount of housework and physical exercise to not only divert attention, but also to create happy elements in the body. Sleep is also a good way to bring good mood. Sometimes, even a half-hour sleep can bring good mood to the new mother.
Prescription 3: Seek help with scientific treatment
With the baby, the new mother's values ​​will change, and her own, husband, and baby's expectations will be closer to reality. If symptoms of postpartum depression occur, new mothers should learn to seek the help of their husbands, family members and friends, and take medications under the guidance of a doctor promptly. Do not underestimate the dangers of depression.
Seek help to relax and cure
Inward-facing women are more susceptible to postpartum depression
Huang Huan stated that 80% of women will experience an anxious phase as their child is born, 50% of which are insignificant or fleeting, 30% will become very strong, and suffer from postpartum depression.
"Actually, postpartum depression doesn't necessarily happen in the postpartum period. Some women have signs before and during pregnancy, but only after the birth." Huang Huan introduced that women who are prone to postpartum depression are introverted. .
Huang Huan said that typical postpartum depression will occur within 6 weeks, and women in good condition will recover spontaneously within 3-6 weeks. At this stage, women have entered breastfeeding and can interact with their baby, helping to recover from postpartum depression. However, serious women may continue for 1-2 years, even after the second birth. In this case, Huang Huan suggested consulting a doctor for drug treatment.
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