The patient believes that "black clinics" spend money to buy unnamed syrup and fall ill

Patients gullible "black clinic" to spend money to buy unnamed syrup risk of illness diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-06-28

“There are many black advertisements on the wall of the construction site that are targeted at migrant workers.” Yesterday, reader Mr. Shi reported that he had found a “general practitioner” because of a stomachache. Go to the hospital. Mr. Shi hopes to warn migrant workers with his own experience and do not trust black clinic advertisements so as to avoid being defrauded and also delay the illness.
[event] several hundred yuan treatment is invalid
Mr. Shi was a construction worker and last week he had committed a stomachache. In order to get cheap and save money, he called a small advertising phone on the outside wall of the dormitory to ask the doctor to “visit”. Soon, a "doctor" with glasses and a fat body rode a motorcycle. After a few simple questions, Dr. Fat opened the medical bag that he carried with him, and opened the medicine bottle and hanging needle in threes or two to let Mr. Shi hang water. "One night guarantee is good." Say, charge 240 yuan, fat doctor leaves on a motorcycle. "There is no medicine name on this medicine bottle. The doctor did not leave any information." Although Mr. Shi was uneasy, he crushed the pain and hung a complete bottle of water.
"On the third day, I found that I was still not getting better, so I had to go to the hospital." Mr. Shi told reporters that he was "wake up" by the doctor and he no longer believed in the black clinic. However, there were still many workers who believed that he was not convinced by small advertisements. suspect.
[Investigation] claimed that rickets can cure
Yesterday, according to the reporter’s phone number on the mini-advertising, the reporter used an outside accent doctor to say that sexually transmitted diseases, gynecology, bone grafting, and stomach problems can be treated in dozens of cases. The doctor claimed to have been born in a medical family and he had seen the disease from a small ear. "I don't know if you have a common illness. I'm a general practitioner." The doctor also said that he had a good reputation and he had never been a doctor. Injection, infusion not more than 80 yuan, commonly used drugs half price.
“It is good to see a doctor and not to collect fees.” The doctor rejected the reporter’s visit on the grounds that “the clinic cannot accommodate too many people”. According to Mr. Shi’s report, there were workers who visited the hospital and found the clinic was dirty and dark with no formal equipment. "A bed and a medicine box are clinics. How can this place cure the disease?" said Mr. Shi.
[vigilance] black clinics are dangerous
The reporter called the Health Bureau of the Municipal Health Bureau for advice. The staff said that the black clinics existed in the suburbs. They survived due to low costs, high profitability, and simple opening conditions. They mainly used injections and infusions, mainly aiming at migrant workers. Black clinics are extremely hazardous and are the targets of law enforcement agencies. If the public has the exact evidence, they can report it to the health surveillance agency in their area.
It is understood that most of the black clinic practitioners do not have evidence, lack of medical theory knowledge and practical operating skills, easy to miss misdiagnosis; unlicensed practitioners may use expired drugs, equipment is not sterilized, infection and adverse reactions may occur; black clinics lack of effective Rescue equipment, in the event of allergies or infusion reactions, is likely to have an irreparable tragedy of death; because the black clinic without a license to operate, hiding in the premises, the doctor walked away after a medical dispute, resulting in difficulties in rights protection. Here, the newspaper reminded the peasant workers brothers to visit a regular hospital for medical treatment and not to hand over their lives and health to irresponsible black clinics.
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