Anhui Middle and Small Machinery Enterprises Urged to Implement Support Policies as Quickly as Possible

In view of the current problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in the machinery industry, from October to November this year, the Anhui Machinery Industry Association organized a research group and went to Tongling, Huangshan, Lu'an, Huainan, and Fuyang to conduct field surveys on the production and operation of SMEs. Situation, discussion with related personnel of the enterprise, understanding of the development of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the machinery industry, and existing problems, collecting opinions and suggestions from SMEs.

Anhui's machinery industry has a total of 3,852 enterprises above designated size, of which 3,818 are small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting for 99% of the total number, and they are widely spread. In the survey, SMEs played an important role in the development of the Anhui economy, especially the machinery industry. The first is to promote economic development. In the scientifically advanced counties each year, the number of mechanical and medium-sized enterprises is relatively large and relatively advanced. The second is to provide a large number of parts and components for the whole vehicle. The development of key products such as automobiles, forklifts and excavators in Anhui Province is closely linked to the cooperation between SMEs. The third is to absorb personnel employment. Especially in industrial clusters and mechanical industrial parks, young and middle-aged people in their townships have almost all entered the factory to work. In short, mechanical and medium-sized enterprises have become an important part of Anhui's industrial economy and have played an important role in promoting economic development, improving people's living standards, resettling employment, and maintaining social stability.

SMEs encounter many difficulties <br> <br> research found that the current outstanding mechanical factors restricting the development of SMEs are:

There is a shortage of funds. Since the second half of the year, 40% of the province’s small and medium-sized enterprises’ SMEs have been tightly funded. As a result of the tightening of banking policies, general enterprises have not been able to borrow funds. Even if enterprises with good economic returns on time can continue to make loans, banks must also obtain plans. Can consider. At the same time, the company's expenses for the loan increase, even the company to apply for a project to issue a letter of commitment will require a 1% fee. The company will also charge 3% to 4% of the fees for non-government financing and private company legal guarantees. Business pressure is very high.

Increased costs. One is the price of raw materials. In recent years, the prices of steel and non-ferrous metals have risen and fell, but they have generally risen compared with the past. Electromechanical products are difficult to raise prices due to fierce market competition. The second is the increase in various expenses. Including the increase in the cost of loan procedures, the increase in staff salaries, and the increase in taxation, the increase in corporate costs and the decrease in profitability; it is prone to losses.

Labor shortage. Older companies are growing bigger, and new businesses are increasing, so many companies have labor shortages. Especially in the newly-built development zones and industrial parks, enterprises are concentrated, local young and middle-aged employees are far from enough, and there are also problems such as inconvenience of life for foreign employees. It is difficult for enterprises to recruit workers. In many development zones, only a small number of workers in the vast factory workshops are working, and it is difficult for enterprises to have production capacity.

Mechanical SMEs are difficult to upgrade and upgrade. Some small and medium-sized enterprises reflect that compared with large enterprises, they have few technicians, advanced equipment, lack of funds for technological transformation, and difficulties in transformation and upgrading. Even if they rely on their own efforts to win a special fund, it is also a “slip” and cannot solve the fundamental problem.

<br> <br> implement policies for supporting research group learned that the mechanical requirements of small and medium enterprises to seriously implement the nine financial and taxation measures by the State Council recently identified and Anhui Provincial Government in October to develop a "Opinions on Promoting the current industrial economy running smoothly "In fact, it helps companies solve difficulties and promote the development of mechanical and medium-sized enterprises in Anhui Province. Specifically, there are the following points:

Banks should increase their efforts to lend to mechanical SMEs. The machinery industry is the equipment industry of the national economy. Currently, it is implementing the "12th Five-Year Plan" for the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises are one of the main actors in implementing this plan, not the bubble economy. As long as the business is in good condition and the product has vitality, banks will have to lend. To reduce, it is best to waive the loan processing fee, reduce the burden on the enterprise, and allow companies to use limited funds for the development of production and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

We will earnestly implement various supportive policies that support the development of mechanical and medium-sized enterprises. On the one hand, these policies are promoted to make SMEs familiarize themselves with policies and make good use of policies. On the other hand, where companies report and have verified, government departments will approve and implement policies as soon as possible.

Take active measures to resolve the shortage of employment. Enterprises should try to improve the treatment of workers, improve living facilities, and attract and retain employees. The government where the enterprise is located should do well in propaganda, implement incentives, and mobilize outside workers to return to employment as much as possible. All types of technical secondary schools for technical secondary schools should improve teaching, train suitable counterparts and strengthen contact with enterprises, and send more technical secondary school graduates and technical graduates to employment. At the same time, enterprises are encouraged to adopt more CNC machine tools to increase automation and reduce the use of labor.

Governments at all levels should pay more attention to mechanical and medium-sized enterprises, support SMEs in areas such as finance, taxation, new product appraisal, technology center construction, evaluation and licensing, and strive to improve the development environment of SMEs and support the development of SMEs.

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