Experts discuss how the lighting business associations serve the lighting companies

[China Building Materials Network] The first Guangdong Lighting Chamber of Commerce and the Wenzhou Local Chamber of Commerce Experience Exchange Conference was held in Wenzhou International Hotel. Participating in the exchange meeting were attended by representatives from Zhongshan Electric Appliance Industry Association, Zhongshan City Chamber of Commerce and some local chambers of commerce in Wenzhou; leaders of the China Lighting Association, Liu Shengping, Vice Chairman of Wenzhou Municipal CPPCC, and President of Wenzhou Municipal Chamber of Commerce Zheng Shengtao, director of the Wenzhou Municipal People's Policy Domestic Economic Cooperation Office, Bai Nansheng, and deputy director of the Wenzhou Ouhai Development Zone Management Committee, Lu Zhaoqing, all made speeches at the meeting.
The event mainly focused on the exchange of experience and operation of various lighting and lighting chambers and Wenzhou local chambers of commerce, how to deal with lighting fixtures in Guangdong, and how the Wenzhou local chambers of commerce can serve the members of the chamber of commerce, regulate the business practices of enterprises in the chambers, and promote the industry. The healthy development of the company, strengthen the exchanges between the chambers of commerce, exchange of experience between the professional chambers of lighting and the local chambers of commerce in Wenzhou, enhance the comprehensive service level of the members of the chamber of commerce, and play the role of the chamber of commerce in grasping the development direction of the industry, exchange of friendship, and external development. effect.
Exploring the future development and construction of the chamber of commerce at the exchange meeting, Li Daquan, chairman of Wenzhou Lighting City in Beijing Shilihe, first delivered a speech. He introduced to Wenzhou Lighting City, Shilihe, Beijing, with an operating area of ​​nearly 50,000 square meters. It is large in scale and high in grade. The distribution center will change the pattern of the Wenzhou lighting market industry.
Lu Yuqing, deputy director of the Management Committee of Wenzhou Ouhai Development Zone, mentioned in his speech that he was very happy to participate in this exchange meeting. He also proposed how to help the Chamber of Commerce members how to serve the members of the Chamber of Commerce, how to solve problems for everyone, how to develop and grow is The Chamber of Commerce needs to overcome the problem.
Yang Jianfeng, vice president of the Ningbo Chamber of Commerce in Zhongshan City, gave his own views on the future development and construction of the Chamber of Commerce. He mentioned: First, establish a basic system to standardize daily work; Second, improve data archiving management, and all work has According to the search; 3. Establish an information exchange platform to promote members' exchanges and cooperation; 4. Expand the membership rights and provide quality services on a multi-faceted basis; 5. Actively contact financial institutions to help members finance their work; 6. Strengthen publicity and study work to create high quality. Member team; Seven, strengthen foreign cooperation and exchanges, improve the visibility of the Chamber of Commerce; 8. Actively participate in public welfare undertakings, build a website of the Chamber of Commerce, and establish a good image of the Chamber of Commerce.

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