Yongnian County "marriage" high-end fasteners for common development

Investing 2 billion yuan in photovoltaic smart wall projects and investing 8 billion yuan in international standards for new cities have started construction in succession, and 17 super-billion yuan projects have been laid at the same time. Since the beginning of this year, Yongnian has been aiming at "building a new city in northern Anhui" with industrial construction. Drive county economic development.

Yongnian County renews equipment technology and guides enterprises to develop high-end products. It has implemented 22 high-end fastener projects with investment of over 100 million yuan, such as Geely and Feiyu; and has introduced an investment of 8 billion yuan in international standard parts and new city projects, with an investment of 400 million yuan. China-Germany high-end fasteners, China Screw World with a total investment of 380 million yuan, and high-strength fastener base projects with a total investment of 10.7 billion yuan. According to briefings, the update rate of fasteners equipment has reached more than 30%, and 87 companies have passed the international quality system certification.

Yongnian County regards the construction of key projects as the cornerstone for the economic development of the county. Following the planning of 111 key projects with a total investment of 20.8 billion yuan last year, this year, Yongnian County has arranged and implemented 122 projects with investment of over 10 million yuan, including 60 projects with over 100 million yuan, and 7 projects with investment of over 1 billion yuan. The investment reached 60 billion yuan, and the annual planned investment was 11.1 billion yuan, of which 52 were continued construction projects and 70 new projects were started. At present, 31 projects are completed or partially completed, 5 projects are being installed and commissioned, and 36 projects are under construction.

Yongnian County focuses on the introduction of hi-tech and strategic support projects. The advantages of specialty industries such as excellent varieties, grades, precision processing and extension markets, vegetables, and standard parts have been further enhanced. New strong energy industries such as new energy materials, high-tech building materials, and trade logistics are rapidly developing. Rise.

Yongnian County supported 7 special steel scale enterprises such as Zishan, Yongyang, and Jianfa to form a joint group of Handan Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. to strictly produce various specifications of forgings forgings and special steels of various compositions and shapes according to national standards. At present, eight series of steel products, such as steel rolling and die steel, have reached the domestic advanced level. Among them, five high-tech products lead the industry. Products are sold to markets across the country, and have been exported to the United States, Britain, Japan, etc. international market. Yongnian County actively supports corporate big projects. The country's largest exporter of automotive leaf springs - the total investment of more than 300 million yuan in the entire relocation of the capital of Hongye Steel Plant settled in Yongnian County; the national special steel leading enterprise - the first special steel company will also cooperate with Yongnianjianfa, new A total investment of 11.3 billion yuan in special steel projects.

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