China's valve industry increased in value in 2011

China Valve Industry Federation recently released information that in 2011 China's valve industry 13 sub-industries have all witnessed an increase in industrial added value, profit margins have risen, and the overall economic efficiency index has improved.

In the first half of the year, the comprehensive index of economic efficiency of China's valve industry was 169.55%, which was approximately 20 percentage points higher than that of the same period of last year. The main business income profit margin was 5.33%, an increase of 0.49 percentage points year-on-year. The government's policies to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, strong market demand, and enhanced industry input capabilities are all reasons for high growth.

Since 2011, the product structure of mechanical industrial valves has been further optimized, the pace of technological innovation has been accelerated, and the export situation has continued to improve. Experts in the industry stated that the growth mode of China's machinery industry's valves has been improved, the proportion of general trade exports with higher added value has increased, and the import and export products have gradually escalated. High value-added products have become the highlights of export products.

With the advancement and development of science and technology, the socio-economic development speed has been continuously improved, and the competition in the valve industry has become increasingly fierce. The Chinese valve industry is now moving toward a highly automated, intelligent, multi-functional, high-efficiency, and low-consumption consumption.

System is of high stability and
responsiveness. System uses color LCD, man made interface for easy operation and
with a number of peripheral interfaces.


- A variety of text can be switched.
- Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode.
- To provide EUROMAP robot interface.
- Automatic movement monitoring with alarm and fault diagnosis.
- Function of slope setting can set the start and stop of movements, so as ensure the smooth movement

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