When will "90s" become the main force of automobile consumption?

As if suddenly, the “post-90 non-mainstream” words written in Mars characters have already grown up. This year, the "post-90s" has entered the 20-year-old mark and will continue to mature. The first batch of "90s" freshmen will leave colleges and embark on their work. The new generation has to control their own world. They have long been reluctant to stay in the back seat of the car, to control their own steering wheel, and to have their own beautiful car life.

In-depth investigation of the "90s new generation" of car options, forecasting the true potential of China's future auto market. The Morning Post questionnaire survey involved a total of 495,000 people, including a total of 282,000 after 90, accounting for 57% of the total. More than half of the respondents stated that they know the brand well. The survey data shows that 72.64% of the respondents stated that they had a driver’s license, and 17.82% indicated that they would be admitted within one year. The penetration of more than 90% of new generation driver's licenses has become an inestimable potential market for the Chinese auto market. For the car purchase plan, 21.49% of the respondents said they had bought a car, 27.63% and 31.25% intended to buy a car within one year and three years. Not only that, nearly 60% of the respondents prefer to replace the new car within 3 to 5 years. The time after the “90s” for first-time car purchases and second-time car purchases is faster and earlier than those for people of other ages. This will undoubtedly become a strong guarantee for the rapid growth of the Chinese auto market in the next three years.

The car has become one of the most concerned topics in the “post-90s” period. More than half of the respondents stated that they are very familiar with the car brands and are familiar with the current mainstream models and approximate prices. When buying a car, the new generation of young people, like their parents, are the most concerned about cost-effective advantages, accounting for 40% of the total. The appearance and driving experience each account for 20%. Become the second choice after the price/performance ratio. In terms of car prices, only 15.1% were funded by parents' elders. Some were funded by parents of parents, and some paid 50.8%. Although there is parental support, they did not blindly choose expensive cars when choosing a car. After 90, they were not rich in the budget of the car. The low price of 50,000-100,000 yuan accounted for 35.05% and 100,000-50,000. The medium price accounted for 28.69%. Cars with prices higher than 200,000 yuan account for only 16.58%. No matter how much the budget of the car price is, the “post-90s” will first focus on personalized models and consider whether it is good looking or fun. The concept of car purchase in the new generation is distinctive, tending to purchase small-displacement vehicles of around 1.4L, preferring semaphores and infinitely variable gears in the form of gearboxes. The color favors bright colors such as pink, yellow, and orange. Light-colored interiors are obviously better than dark interiors, and light-coloured metal interiors are more popular. Moreover, the “post-90s” have more emotional appeals for cars. They are often keen on refitting and sports. They like to drive out with friends to drive by themselves and the track to discuss the topics of dream cars and car expertise. They are passionate about each other. Transfer experience and more.

According to analysis by industry insiders, in many developed countries such as Europe and the United States, undergraduates and even high school students are sparse and commonplace. About 70% of college students in the United States have their own cars, and even many models are aimed at just graduating. Designed by college students, such as Yaris (configuration gallery word of mouth forum), Fox, with beautiful colors and dynamic control and other characteristics has become the first choice for college graduates car purchase. This trend is about to become mainstream in China. For example, Popular and Chery have all launched A0-class models that target college graduates. With the passage of time, once the consumer potential of the new generation is fully released, the Chinese automobile market will usher in a new wave of prosperity.

Auto market, "after 90" is coming!

"After '90, 'Buy a car!'" A group of 60, 70, and 80 exclaimed after the news - words mixed, envy, guilt, and emotion.

"After '90's to buy a car!" dealers and car manufacturers exclaimed, a new car crowd is rising, they dare not neglect.

What kind of car does this group of "Little Piggy Babies" like? Is it because parents pay the bill? Loan does not loan? Is oil price so high that you can stand it? ... They raised one or the other issue.

After the “90s” purchase of the car, it is doomed to receive more and more attention.

Pretty cars are preferred As the probability of “post-90s” appearing in 4S stores is getting higher and higher, the ideal models they purchase are also attracting attention.

Cruze, Corolla (configured gallery word of mouth forum), Trent (configuration gallery word of mouth forum) ... ... in the dealers, such economical cars, young people are generally concerned about, but also "90 after" the preferred object. “Children’s purchase of cars is mainly focused on A0 and A-class vehicles. The appearance of sports schools and beautiful colors are the main factors for them to choose cars,” Mr. Zhu, a Shanghai Volkswagen dealer, told the author.

In addition, models with high frequency of promotion and excellent advertising marketing ideas, such as Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Focus, also have a certain influence on the selection of cars after the “90s.” "When the "Old Boy" was popular last year, there was a child who pointed out that the Cruze must be exactly the same as the movie. The influence of advertisements is not the same!"

Ms. Ma from Changan Ford Mazda 4S Store stated that whether it is “post-90s” or “post-80s”, it belongs to young people. The degree of care about the appearance of the car is stronger than in any aspect.

Last week, Xiao Zhou, who had just bought a new POLO, said: "We've just been working after 90's. Economical cars are the first choice, so the power performance certainly cannot be compared with a car with hundreds of thousands of yuan, but in appearance we Never compromise.

Parents pay more than I wrote in FAW Toyota's dealership sales department. The “children” who come to their stores to buy cars are mostly directed at Corolla. They are usually all in a group of three. The parents are on the floor to help the children as staff officers.

"Now the children are very understanding of the car, many people have been on the Internet before the study thoroughly, in fact, the parents came only to serve as the final task of a single sales consultant," Mr. Wang said to the author.

SAIC MG Marketing Manager Pan noticed another detail. In their “post-90s” family car shop, all the children’s parents had a one-time payment. In her impression, none of the families required a loan to buy a car.

"The average kid at home has some financial strength. Many of them have a car at home and they will buy a car for them."

The "90s" economy just after graduation is not yet independent. The reason why many parents make a one-off payment is not to allow their children to increase economic pressure after entering the community. However, many parents have said that the car is bought by parents, but the future of car maintenance will no longer provide "sponsorship," which is before the car to discuss with the children are good.

More than 80 after the "cool gas"

The "80s" wave of car purchases has not yet receded and "90s" has followed. Faced with this change, dealers naturally look in the eyes.

"After 90, after 80, it's refreshing!" The car salesman admitted frankly that the requirements for the car were relatively simple and there were also financial support from parents. After 90, most of the time when buying a car, there was no tangled knot.

Manager Cao Song of Dongfeng Nissan dealership marketing department had a thorough understanding of the "post-90s". He said that the "80s" generation gradually became the mainstay in the society. Correspondingly, they faced the life and work. The pressure is also much larger than the “post-90s” just after the debut. Therefore, the depreciation rate, fuel consumption, and space... There are many things to consider when buying a car.

However, there are also a considerable number of "post-90s" surveys that show that even if the family has economic strength, they will not let their parents pay for their cars and rely on their own abilities to buy cars.

According to a survey released by the National Bureau of Statistics of recent college graduates this year, the pre-tax salary for undergraduates who have signed in Shanghai is 3,914 yuan. This shows that the entire "post 90s" led by them is gradually becoming a new force in the workplace, and at the same time, it has become a potentially important consumer group in the automobile market fashion models. When will "90s" be the main consumer of the auto market? To answer this question, we must first analyze the "post-90s" economic situation. In today's workplace, "post-90s" is just a fledgling "born junior." Although in some labor-intensive production enterprises, the “post 90s” have been working for several years, but most people are engaged in manual labor, and the wage level is at the bottom of the enterprise. It is too early to pay for a car. Fresh graduates are undoubtedly the high-income class among them, but because they have just entered the company, they are shy and rely on a monthly salary of a few thousand dollars, and they cannot buy a car in the short term.

If parents “sponsor”, the waiting period for “after 90” buying a car will be greatly reduced. "Post-90s" are mostly only children, and they are loved by their parents when they are young. The demands put forward can be met as long as they are legitimate and reasonable. Children who work, need to buy a car, are not too demanding in the sense of reason, and the average middle-income family in Shanghai can afford it. In fact, many parents do this. However, on the whole, there are also many “post-90s” parents who do not use their deposits to buy cars for children. The reasons are either that their economic strength is not enough, or that they want their children to be self-reliant and use their own money to buy a car. From the “post-90s” perspective, most of them work as if they “grew up all at once”—unwilling to continue to lay down their parents and reach out to their parents; instead, they want to be economically independent and buy cars by themselves. Therefore, relying on their own income, will be the mainstream of "90s" to buy a car.

The car is not a necessity. Only after solving the basic needs of life can people use the remaining money to buy a car. Different from the past "70s" and "80s", the 90s are almost completely accompanied by mobile phones, computers and other technology products and networks. They have their own ideas and personalities, are well-informed, have broad vision, and dare to try new things. , Consumer attitudes are bold in fashion, brand awareness is strong, and products with low grades and simple functions are difficult to obtain their favor. The technology with advanced technology and more functions is one of their favorites. Many people have long thought of buying a car, and many of them have become “family members”. For them, buying a car is a matter of morning and evening, but it is lined up after eating, wearing, using, and playing. In the areas of use and play, high-profile laptops, high-pixel digital cameras, iPhones, iPads and other digital products and friends gatherings and travel are essential. After basically solving these problems, consider buying a car. The waiting time cannot be too short.

How long does it take to buy a car after 90? According to the general laws of the workplace, it takes at least 5-10 years for new recruits to become the backbone. Only by becoming a backbone force can salary compensation be raised to a higher level. Only with higher salary income can it be possible to accumulate more "live money" for the purchase of their favorite cars. Therefore, after 5 to 10 years, “90s” will become the main consumer of the auto market fashion models. Among them, some outstanding high-income "elites" are expected to become buyers of mid-to-high-end cars and even luxury cars.

This year, the first batch of "90s" graduates will leave colleges and embark on a job. The National Bureau of Statistics recently released a survey on the employment situation of fresh graduates of Shanghai University in 2011. After a weighted average of survey data, the pre-tax salary for undergraduates who have signed is 3,914 yuan. Undoubtedly, the post-90s have already begun to enter the community. The high starting point of salary and the parents' proper “support” will replace these 80 people and become an important consumer group in the auto market fashion model. Typical characteristics of people. With these young people starting to consume the first large-scale product cars after computers and mobile phones, the market of fashion models that have been “after 80′′ is probably going to change drastically. So for the new generation, which models are more suitable for their first car?

Nissan hackers are among a large number of cross-border models, and hackers are considered a good word of mouth and have very high sales. For young people who have just entered the community, choosing a multi-purpose vehicle not only satisfies the need to commute, but also allows them to go out on the outings with about 35 friends in their spare time, without worrying about the space of luggage and passengers. problem.

As a Crossover model, Qashqai has a sleek and dynamic figure, with a variety of trendy colors to make people dizzying. High waist line design breaks through the traditional SUV design, fluid power car shape is just strong, unwilling to mediocre fashion charm alone The senses give people a fresh look.

The customer's CVT continuously variable transmission is equipped with a six-speed manual mode. The newly-configured ASC smart logic shift control and high-response hydraulic control system intelligently senses the drive intention of the driver, and according to the driving dynamic environment, selects the best shifting mode to balance driving pleasure and fuel economy. Hacker has a high-performance, fully independent suspension system. Front and rear independent suspension, with high-speed damping control shock absorbers, can easily deal with a variety of road conditions, comfortable ride. The tension-damping spring and the high-strength stabilizer bar ensure the stability and safety of the vehicle in the tilted and bumpy driving state, suppress the unnecessary shaking of the vehicle body, eliminate the body tilt and the inboard tire slip phenomenon during cornering, and achieve smooth driving.

In addition, hackers AVM panoramic surveillance video system with four holographic video cameras, to provide drivers with a wide field of vision, eliminating the blind spot. Through the use of four super-wide angle cameras to synthesize the bird's eye view of the surrounding environment of the vehicle, not only providing convenience for parking and reversing, but also experiencing six-way driving enjoyment in ordinary driving.

Finally, the triple security system monitors car abnormalities in real time, intelligent navigation and provider travel consulting, a full range of driving service concepts and innovative human intelligent technology, allowing owners to receive a comprehensive caring service and comfort driving experience, but also in terms of safety and quality With C-NCAP and E-NCAP dual five-star certification, to ensure the safety of driving.

Citroen Sega's durable Dongfeng Citroen Sega has been welcomed by rational car buyers. Long maintenance mileage has greatly reduced the maintenance cost of this model. With the launch of the Champion Edition, Sega has more detailed design details, more humane configuration, and a higher price/performance ratio.

The Sega Champion Edition includes four versions of the 1.6L hatchback and the 1.6L sedan. The Sega Champion Edition is equipped with a "Touchscreen Multimedia Entertainment Navigation System", which integrates four functions, including precision navigation, audio and video entertainment, driving computer, and reversing video, and provides more reliable safety for drivers and drivers on the basis of configuration upgrades. Protection. The navigation system uses a 7-inch WVGA high-brightness digital touch screen, preloading tens of thousands of complex intersections in major cities across the country. The 3D zooming view is real-time. It can be operated with fingertips, and it is comfortable and quick; the first time it shows the door is not closed. Insufficient fuel and other information from the vehicle's reminders and alarms, nanny-style driving system management makes people aware of the status of the vehicle at a glance; also equipped with a license light reversing camera, combined with rear parking sensor information, visual display reversing image, even if Dilemmas can also advance and retreat freely.

Popular Scirocco Some people likened the Scirocoo Scirocco to the “desert hot wind” and considered it as a sporty car that was as agile as the wind and swept into a young and stylish heart. Ever since, if you have a throbbing heart, then Scirocco seems to be the first choice for anyone who loves to play. The cool and low body and head of the Scirocco are aggressive, with thick bumpers and streamlined lines throughout the body to reveal the movement genes. The narrow upper and lower shapes seem to imply that the infinite power inside is waiting for the burst. The interior trim of the car body can also be individualized, and the depressions on both sides of the steering wheel can be effectively matched with the palm. The ergonomic design is equipped with the fine texture brought by the leather material. The steering wheel with paddle shift allows the driver to fully appreciate the driving pleasure. Scirocco is equipped with the current VW’s most advanced engine, and is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, bringing powerful power and endless driving passion. Various high-tech equipment, such as fully automatic zoned air-conditioning system, RNS510 Chinese navigation system, and electronic differential lock (EDL) equipment make every trip a pleasure.


Although SMART is a niche choice, driving on the road is definitely the darling of the high return rate. In today's skyrocketing oil prices and tight parking spaces, SMART's design meets the development of car life. Even if a traffic jam is encountered on the road, SMART can easily leave the line of long queues without cracking completely. As for the problem of parking spaces, a standard parking space can stop two SMARTs, and some remaining space in the parking lot can easily solve SMART parking problems. In addition to the practicality of daily life, of course, SMART is still a very romantic and petty bourgeois personality.

Do not look at SMART, sparrow is small, but fully-equipped, its safety performance can not be underestimated, the shape and material of the body determines the safety performance, although small, but brings a sense of security as large vehicles. And SMART is very fun to drive, in the automatic mode, you can choose a relatively convenient manual shift mode, through the lever or paddle on the steering wheel to control, it is really a fun car. The price of RMB 100,000 for the first time makes it possible to become the master of SMART as long as you want. This is tailor-made for young people who do not have family pressure.

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