Guangdong's timber management, processing and transportation management are included in the legalization track

Starting from September 1, Guangdong Province will implement the "Measures for the Management and Transportation of Timber Operations in Guangdong Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), which indicates that the province's timber management, processing, and transportation management have been incorporated into the legal system.

The "Measures" were formulated on the basis of the merger, revision and improvement of the "Provisional Measures for the Administration of the Timber Market in Guangdong Province" and the "Guangdong Province's Timber Transport Supervision and Management Measures." They regulate the management, processing and transportation of timber in the province. Stronger pertinence and operability. The "Measures" consists of five chapters and thirty-two articles. The contents include four aspects: First, the definition of wood is defined, and the management responsibilities are clearly defined. Second, the various requirements for voucher management and processing of timber systems are perfected, especially the specifications. Timber operations and processing permit activities; the third is to specify the various requirements for voucher transport timber system, clear timber transport flow inspection system; fourth is to set legal responsibilities.

The promulgation of the "Measures" will effectively promote the protection and use of forest resources in our province, standardize the timber operations and processing in the province, maintain the order of timber transport, and create a law-abiding business, fair competition in timber operations and processing market environment.

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