Rotary kiln production and sales increase fast kicked off construction machinery reorganization

It is expected to achieve about 15% growth over the previous year.

According to statistics of the construction crane branch, as of September 2010, the sales volume of China’s rotary kiln cranes, crawler cranes, truck-mounted lime rotary kiln, and tire cranes has exceeded 30,000 units in total. According to statistics, foreign-oriented rotary kiln brands such as Japan and South Korea still dominate the domestic market, and the total foreign-invested market share is above 70%. It is understood that during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the added value of China's mechanical metallurgy chemical rotary kiln accounted for 16% of the country's lime rotary kiln. According to statistics from the China Rotary Kiln Lime Rotary Kiln Association, in 2010, the production and sales of vehicle diesel engines in China reached 393 respectively. According to the market sales in January and the market expectation for the future, if there are many key points in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” for ceramsite rotary kiln, then the theme of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” is to improve the overall efficiency and make efficient use of alternative fuels.

Therefore, the “12th Five-Year Plan” for ceramsite sand rotary kiln proposes a phased goal to increase production concentration: the top three companies in the industry, with a production concentration of 30% to 40%, and the first 8 to reach 60%. On the other hand, due to the poor control effect of the cement rotary kiln last year, the State Council again launched a heavy blow at the end of January. The new “State of the Eight” will push the purchase order to the whole country, and the second set of down payment shall be 60%, and pilot projects will be conducted in Shanghai and Chongqing municipalities directly under the Central Government. property tax.

Benefited from domestic macroeconomic growth, analysts expect that the economic operation of mechanical lime rotary kiln is expected to be in line with the German market in 2011. The Southeast Asian market is corresponding to the production and sales of mechanical lime rotary kiln. At present, economic growth in Southeast Asia has a good momentum, and the demand for infrastructure continues to soar. This has led to projects The market demand for machinery is extremely large. International large-scale enterprises are just taking advantage of this advantage and have established their own bases in the Southeast Asian market. They have also made great efforts to adjust their products to match the local market and realize the company's strategic goals. Since 2003, China's crane industry has always maintained a high level of operation, and it is one of the fastest growing models of construction machinery. Even in 2008, when it was deeply affected by the financial crisis, it still maintained an adverse market growth. Sales continued to climb in December and the market gradually entered the peak season.

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