Basic concept of breaking

1. What is the purpose and significance of the crushing operation?

Answer: For large materials, the process of applying external force to overcome the cohesive force between the molecules of the material and making it into small pieces is called breaking.

Mined ore from the mine, due to the mining method, different transportation and beneficiation plant size, to the concentrator of ore particle size is not the same. At present, the maximum ore size of ore mined in China is 400-600 mm, and the maximum grain size of open-pit mining ore can reach 1200-1500 mm. Such a large ore particle size can not meet the grinding requirements, generally the grain size of the ore should be controlled at 5-25 mm, otherwise the original ore particle size will seriously affect the mill efficiency. Therefore, the ore before grinding must be crushed to achieve the required grain size for grinding operations, so the crushing operation is an important operation.

2. How many common crushing methods are there?

Answer: The method of crushing is currently used for the crushing of ore, mainly by the action of mechanical force. The common ones are as follows:

1. Crushing method: pressurize the material when the two broken working faces are forced to break the material. This method is characterized by a large range of forces for gradually increasing the force.

2, smashing method: the use of sharp teeth wedged into the material to break the material, which is characterized by a concentrated range of forces, local rupture occurs.

3. Fracture method: When the material is broken, the material is broken and broken due to the bending force concentrated by the relative direction force. This method is characterized in that it is subjected to bending force in addition to the force at the point of action of the external force, and thus it is easy to break the ore.

4. Grinding and stripping method: The crushing working surface moves relative to the material, thereby generating shearing force on the material. This force acts on the surface of the ore and is suitable for the grinding of fine materials.

5, impact method: crushing force is instantaneously applied to the material, so it is also called power breaking.

Currently use mechanical crusher for crushing effect while ore is often combined effects of several disruption methods.

At present, the crushing machine used is often combined with several crushing methods for the crushing effect of ore.

3. Classification and general principles of crushers?

A: According to its structure, it can be divided into the following types:

1. Jaw Crusher : It mainly presses the swaying slab periodically to the fixed slab, crushing the material sandwiched in the middle to complete the task of crushing the ore.

2. Cone crusher : The broken material is placed between the inner and outer cones, the outer cone is fixed, and the inner cone is circularly moved to crush or break the material sandwiched therein.

3. Roller crusher: The crushed material is subjected to continuous crushing in the entanglement of two oppositely rotating round rolls, but also has the effect of grinding and stripping to break the ore. If the roll surface is toothed, It is mainly crushed ore by crushing.

4. Impact crusher: The crushed material is broken by the impact of the rapidly rotating moving parts.

4. What is the crush ratio?

Answer: Each time the ore is crushed, the particle size is reduced to a certain extent. The ratio of the maximum particle size of the ore before crushing to the maximum particle size of the ore after crushing is called the crushing ratio.

5, the crushing operation is generally divided into several stages, how to divide?

A: In the process of crushing, in order to avoid over-smashing and reduce costs, we must strive to "do not make unnecessary meaningless breaks." It is impossible to crush a large-sized ore to the required fineness at one time, and it must be carried out piece by piece.

In the concentrator, two or three stages of crushing are generally used. According to the granularity of the crushed products, they can be roughly divided into:

1, coarse crush: the ore size is 1500-500mm, broken to 400-125mm;

2, medium crush: the ore size 400-125mm, broken to 100-50mm;

3, fine crush: the ore size is 100-50mm, broken to 25-5mm.

6. What is the crushing and screening process?

A: The ore crushing process consisting of two operations, crushing and screening, is called the crushing and screening process.

It usually consists of a two-stage or three-stage crushing operation and a pre-screening operation or inspection screening operation in conjunction with each section of the crushing operation.

The FSFG type high Fang Ping screen is an efficient plane rotary screen equipment. It consists of two, four or six, eight separate compartments. It is mainly used for screening and grading of materials after grinding, and can also be used as inspection screens.Model FSFG plansifter

According to the particle size of the material, the roller round screen is used for grading screening equipment. It is generally used for classification and screening of medium and fine particles. It has the characteristics of stable operation, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple process layout and flexible etc.

Roller screen

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