Challenging the 100m fan on land, the world’s first eight-axis XCA1200 has won the first battle!

From 2016 Shanghai BMW Group entered the industry for the first time and delivered to users in July 2017. XCMG's global first eight-axis XCA1200 all-terrain crane lasted for three years, and the exposure rate remained high. The lightweight, intelligent and high-efficiency features have become hot topics in the industry.

The world's first eight-axis XCA1200 victory

In recent days, XCA1200 successfully completed the first hundred meters of wind power, which means that Xugong took the lead in breaking the technical barriers to installation of all-terrain crane 100m land-based wind turbines, and opened a new pattern of wind power lifting!

In late August, the rare continuous rain in Ningxia delayed the first show of XCA1200 for several days. The Hongsipu wind farm, which has been eroded by perennial waters, is full of vertical and horizontal gullies. After the rain, the undulating terrain and soft soil here create heavy obstacles and severe tests for the first crane. For XCMG designers, this is the best time to challenge the limit and show the strong performance of XCA1200.

Open the new pattern of wind power lifting

The XCA1200 designer Qi Cheng introduced: At present, the problems faced by the wind power industry in the world are how to develop various types of wind turbines on different landforms. Due to the complex and diverse terrain in China, even the most advanced hoisting equipment in the world will suffer from problems such as poor passability, large operating area, and low efficiency, which cannot meet the demanding requirements of the Chinese market. One of the biggest features of the car is its strong transferability. When driving on undulating roads, the 16 wheels on both sides can adjust the height of the tire and exert force. Prior to this, the most widely used in the industry in the world was the 6-axis drive. For the first time, this product achieved a 7-axis drive, and it was powered by both hydraulic and mechanical power. The slope of a wind farm road is generally not higher than 15%, and it can climb more than 30% of the slope.

The hoisting fan is very different from the past. The six-section tower, with a height of 100 meters, is a brand-new model of the smart micro-grid project. Today's XCA1200 will fully demonstrate the leading technologies and absolute advantages in the field of wind power. For the height challenge of 100 meters, the XCA1200 special arm for wind power will exert unprecedented high performance and high efficiency.

Wind power arm self-folding technology

The self-folding technology of wind power arms is the world's first core technology developed by XCMG to meet the needs of users. Looking at the global industry, past wind power arms need to be dismantled and transported. This not only requires tedious manpower and material resources for transportation, but also greatly prolongs the construction period and inefficiency. The XCA1200 can carry the wind power arm to make a turn and use one-button operation to achieve wind power arm flipping, which greatly improves construction efficiency.

Tower installation is very smooth

The installation of the tower is very smooth, thanks to the XCA1200's ultra-high intelligence. It can automatically select the optimal working conditions from the preset tens of thousands of working modes according to the construction requirements. Greatly reduced the difficulty of operation, as long as one person can easily operate this monster.


Impeller installation

The installation of the impeller is the most difficult part of the entire lifting process. Each blade has a length of 59.5 meters. The assembled impeller has a diameter of 120 meters and a weight of more than 60 tons. This is equivalent to the volume of three Boeing 787 large passenger aircraft. To send such a super "aircraft" to a height of 100 meters, and at a wind speed of 5-12 meters/second without changing regularly, the accurate docking within 5mm is achieved, and the micromotion of the crane is tested.

XCA1200 with full mission

When the impeller and nacelle generator bolts were completed, the XCA1200 with its full mission was the first to win. According to the on-site general commander's briefing, this XCMG XCA1200 dispels our pre-opening concerns with practical actions and the safety and stability have been fully demonstrated. Today's 100-meter height, in fact, is still very easy to complete, the limit of this car is 110 meters high and 90 tons. According to this schedule, XCA1200 will achieve economic benefits of at least 5 million yuan per year only in terms of engineering efficiency.

The world's first eight-axis XCA1200 victory

The strong performance of the XCA1200 is the ultimate manifestation of Xugong’s “leading technology and never destroyed” target, which has also touched the nerves of global crane giants. As industry analysts have analyzed: On behalf of the development of Chinese engineering cranes, Xugong is relying on high-quality, high-end, and high-value-added products to meet user expectations and needs to the greatest extent possible. This is a new competitive model for the crane industry in China and even the world in the future. It is also where manufacturers’ core competitiveness lies. (This article is from Xugong)

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