The use of census toolboxes for the application of modern pest surveys

The census work of pests is an important task to ensure the safety of the growth of trees and crops in agriculture and forestry. With the development of the times, the technologies and tools used in the investigation of harmful quarantine pests must also be constantly updated and developed in order to be able to communicate with the reality. Planting structure adapts. Therefore, the application of the census toolbox is very timely. In the actual work of field pest surveys, the census toolbox is a very good helper, and it satisfies the needs of on-site collection of insects and plant specimens and production.

Census toolbox

The full name of the census toolbox is the pest census toolbox, which includes all the tools such as the insect quarantine toolbox and the plant quarantine toolbox. According to the needs of customers, the tools in the census toolbox can be customized according to the needs of users, and the maximum satisfaction is achieved. User needs can also save costs for users. In general, the standard toolkit in the census toolbox is mainly used by the current inspectors to carry out pest surveys in the wild, including some common tools such as quarantine gloves, quarantine masks, signature pens, and oily markers. Pens, tags, etc.; insect quarantine tools, such as poison bottles, insect needle clamps, insect needles, etc.; plant quarantine tools such as utility knives, multi-use axes, and micro specimen holders.

In the face of the complex and ever-changing forms of pests, the abundance of gadgets in the census toolkit can facilitate the investigation and analysis of some diseases, pests, and crop symptoms in the field, and it is well adapted to the actual practice of modern pest surveys. Need, In addition, the census tool box adopts a portable design, which is portable and easy to use. It can be widely applied to census work such as field surveys, forest surveys, and pest and disease surveys, greatly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of pest surveys. .

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