Preparation of sterile compressed air during gulonic acid fermentation

Sterile air used in the fermentation industry means that the bacteria in the air is reduced to a very low percentage by a sterilization treatment to minimize the chance of fermentation pollution. 2010~04-23 Liu Shuying (1971-), female, engineer engaged in vitamins C and its intermediate production process technology management work.

Aseptic air purification equipment and processes are designed to avoid the parameters required for aseptic air (such as sterility, air pressure, temperature, etc.) combined with the air conditions of the inhalation environment and the characteristics of the air sterilization equipment used. The dyeing process simplifies the sterilization process and reduces the power consumption of equipment investment and normal operation. Created 130 consecutive batches of gulonic acid fermentation without dyeing bacteria. Two stages; the water and heat filtration sterilization process is a relatively good air sterilization process, which can adapt to various climatic conditions, can fully separate the oil water and let the air enter the filter at low relative humidity to improve the filtration efficiency. The process is characterized by two orders, two separations, and proper heating. The advantage of two cooling and two separate separations of oil and water is that it can improve the heat transfer coefficient and save the cooling water and water separation. The preparation process of gulonic acid fermentation sterile air is as shown.

31 Measures to Improve Air Quality Before Compression The air inhaled from the atmosphere often contains dust, sand, bacteria, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the hygiene management of the production environment and the amount of air contained in the production environment. Select the location of the air intake to be well ventilated at the upper air outlet. Each number of inhaled air intakes is one order of magnitude less than the number of microorganisms in the i05m party building chapter fermentation process tutorial Beijing China Light Industry Press Peng.

Liu Rulin Introduction to Microbial Engineering. Tianjin Nankai University Press, 199S Beijing China Light Industry Press, 1993 (continued from page 48) cefuroxime axetil is more stable under acidic conditions, so the formula also adds an appropriate amount of citric acid stability. Very good stability.

Ni Yuying. Comparison and application of cephalosporins. Laboratory Medicine and Clinical, 2007, 4 Wu Hongwei, Huang Cihuang cefuroxime axe stability research Strait Pharmacy, 200618 Northwest University Journal: Hebei Chemical Advertising Hotline: 0311

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