How to classify roadway construction methods and construction operations

First, the roadway construction method

Roadway construction is divided into two ways: one lane and two lanes.

Once the roadway is built, the three sub-projects of tunneling, permanent support and ditches in the roadway construction are regarded as a whole. Within a certain distance, the roadway is made once, and the finishing work is not left;

Second, roadway construction operations

The construction method of one lane can be divided into parallel operation of excavation and branching, sequential operation of excavation and support (single line operation) and alternate operation of excavation and branching.

(1) Parallel operation with excavation and permanent support

The distance between the heading face and the permanent support should not exceed 40m.

Parallel operation with excavation and permanent support can increase the speed of the roadway by about 30%. It is generally suitable for roadways where the surrounding rock is relatively stable and the excavation section is larger than 8m 2 .

(2) Excavation and permanent support sequence operation

The operation mode is mainly single work, requires less labor, and the construction organization is relatively simple; it is suitable for the case where the tunneling section is small and the surrounding rock of the roadway is not stable.

(3) Alternation of permanent excavation and permanent support

It means that in two or more roadways with a relatively close distance, a construction team alternates the excavation and permanent support work.

Third, roadway construction and shipping equipment

In general, it can account for 35% to 50% of the tunneling time.

(1) Rock loading equipment

Commonly used in the underground are bucket type rock loaders, bucket type rock loaders, crab claw type rock loaders and vertical claw type rock loaders.

(2) Transportation equipment

When the working face is cut by ordinary mine car, in order to improve the working efficiency of the rock loader, the shunting should be carried out in time. Usually, the car can be shunted by fixed misplaced vehicles, the shunting of the floats, the shunting of the shifting and shunting, and the use of the reloading equipment. The shunting is carried out by the electric motor vehicle, and the method is currently widely used.

Fourth, roadway construction organization:

Integrated excavation team and professional tunneling team

The integrated task force organizes the main types of construction (excavation, support) and auxiliary work (mechanical maintenance, transportation, etc.) into a tunneling team. (regular loop)

The professional excavation team only has the main types of work, the auxiliary work set up another task force, and serves several professional teams. (rolling class)

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