Changzhou one step vacuum freeze dryer exported to Spain

Low-carbon economy, energy conservation and emission reduction are long-term strategic objectives that China has implemented. As a drying equipment manufacturing company, in addition to reducing the consumption of resources and environmental pollution in its own production process, it should also assume the responsibility of providing low-consumption, environmentally-friendly and highly efficient products and advanced production and processing technologies in order to increase the efficiency of equipment manufacturing.
The state-owned high-tech enterprise Changzhou One-step Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts the vacuum freeze-drying technology GZLS series vacuum freeze-drying machine, which is sold to the domestic market and has passed the acceptance check by foreign customers. It is sold to Spain, South Korea and other countries and regions.
Vacuum freeze-drying is a relatively advanced method for dehydration of substances at present. The technique is to freeze the water-containing substances at a low temperature, and then sublimate the water in the vacuum state directly, and trap and condense the sublimated vapors with condensation to reach the substance. The purpose of dehydration and drying. The substances freeze-dried by vacuum are basically unchanged in their physical, chemical and biological states. The loss of volatile components and nutrients that undergo heat denaturation in the substances is small. The lyophilized substances are porous, and their volumes are basically the same as before drying. Therefore, due to the large contact area after the addition of water, it can be quickly restored and has a long shelf life within the sealed container.
The company's vacuum freeze dryer has passed the EU CE certification, its drying oven, condenser, evaporator, vacuum piping and other components, made of stainless steel material, in line with the requirements of pharmaceuticals, food GMP standards; vacuum system uses two-stage vacuum, so that Vacuum is in a better condition to shorten the entire freeze-drying time. Refrigerator adopts single-stage or double-stage refrigeration to achieve ideal cooling temperature, convenient maintenance and operation. The electrical control part is equipped with various advanced measurement systems to ensure The quality of the freeze-dried product.

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