Drone tractor ready

The ageing of the population, the large number of rural laborers working outside and the lack of food self-sufficiency are driving the Japanese agricultural giants to compete in the creation of driverless tractors. The first generation of Japanese robotic tractors is expected to start selling next year. This type of tractor, encouraged by the Japanese cabinet office, is also seen as one of the ways to stop Japan’s agricultural extermination.

It is reported that the cost of this technology is 50% higher than that of ordinary tractors. It aims to increase the effective manpower of Japanese farmland. Initially, this "robot tractor" would need to work with a manned tractor so that the drone could have problems and get emergency intervention. However, with the improvement of man-made intelligence, tracking and security technologies, more drone tractors will be put into use in labor shortage and open-air Hokkaido and Kyushu Islands.

Hiroyuki Ogino of the Advanced Technology and Engineering Department of Izumi Farm Machinery Co., Ltd. said that it is clear that Japan is very much in need of automatic machine equipment. He said: “At the turning point of the millennium in Hokkaido, each farmer worked an average of 18.9 hectares; today, with the decrease of the population, the proportion has risen to 30.1 hectares. There is also insufficient number of tractor operators per hectare.” Kubota also introduced driverless tractors earlier than the wells.

Some companies involved in unmanned agricultural machinery manufacturing said that after 2020, if paddy rice or potato farmers continue to feel uncomfortable when they are 80 years old, they could theoretically allow the driverless tractor to help plow, sow and harvest. Crops, these unmanned agricultural machines can even work in the evening, and farmers just need to stay in comfortable living rooms.

Establishing a system that allows automated tractors to work on uneven ground and steeply sloping farmland is complex, and it is also a challenge to “instruct” the subtle experience that humans have experienced in years of driving. But unlike driverless cars, robotic tractor designers don't have to think too much about the behavior of other vehicles and pedestrians.

A Japanese cabinet official said: "The severe agricultural situation in Japan means the establishment of unmanned agricultural machinery is very important." (Li Ring)

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Screw Water Chiller

1. Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller: Cooling capacity 150-1180kW


01.Compressor. The unit is equipped with semi-hermetic screw compressor, compared with the piston compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor has two advantages

• Less parts(About 1/3 of the piston compressor), simple structure, less wearing parts, high reliability and long life.
• Compressor suction and exhaust uniform, exhaust temperature is low, vibration is small, not sensitive to wet compression, anti-liquid strike ability.
02.Tube-fin air-cooled condenser. The tube-fin air-cooled condenser adopts the inverted "V" type layout, on the one hand, it
improves the space utilization ratio, increases the heat exchange area, on the other hand, it improves the airflow and heat transfer efficiency, so that improve the unit's cooling and heating capacity.
03.Throttling equipment.For expansion valve, we select the most advanced products, with a compact overall design, rugged stainless steel diaphragm, and in a wide range of operating conditions to provide stable and accurate control.

04.Shell and tube evaporator. Using shell and tube structure, the outside is proceeded with fire-retardant,waterproof
insulation materials, water side of the working pressure is 1.0MPa. Evaporator with PVC plastic water board,
corrosion resistance. Chilled water along the diaphragm up and down circuitous flow, in order to increase the spoiler effect to improve the evaporator heat transfer capacity. Using the latest DAC corrugated spiral high efficiency heat transfer tubes, strengthen the fluorine side heat transfer capacity, improve the heat transfer coefficient to ensure that the unit good refrigeration and heating performance.

05.Electronic control. Air-cooled hot and cold water unit uses a microcomputer as the core of the controlsystem, the control system control precision, anti-interference ability to ensure that the unit safe, reliable and economical operation. Energy regulation automatic control can make the unit always in the best economic mode point efficient operation. Protection function complete unit with overload, short circuit protection, frost protection, high and low voltage protection, overheating protection and other functions.

2. Water cooled screw Water Chiller: Cooling capacity 130-2500kW


01.Acting as multi-function unit such as cooling, heating, sanitary hot water separately or simultaneously.

02.Wide application as hotel, apartment, villa, factory, shopping center, office building, school, etc.
03.Semi- hermetic screw compressor for the whole range. Each compressor is equipped with a crankcase heater and a built-in electronic protection with temperature sensor located directly in the motor winding and on the discharge line.

04.The refrigerant circuit is complete with sight glass, filter drier, high and low pressure gauges, solenoid valve, electronic expansion valve, high and low pressure switch. 

05.Shell and tube dry expansion type condenser, factory insulated with flexible close cell material. 

06.Shell and tube evaporator, higher efficiency less water consumption, easy maintenance and cleaning, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.
07.The electric panel consists of compressor breaker, compressor contactor, phase sequence relay, control circuit breaker, microprocessor control with function display. 

08.LCD display, touch screen control panel as standard.
09.Automatic operation dramatically reducing maintenance cost thanks to reliable microprocessor system.
10.An infinitely variable capacity control system that is capable of exactly matching the demand requirement of the system is to be supplied. This system is to provide precise and stable control of supply water temperature over the complete range of operating conditions.

11.Optional. Desuperheater as optional. Electronic controller with BMS system.

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Screw Water Chiller

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