Step-by-step implementation of gas prices for new requirements for gas meters

【Industrial Focus in China's Instrumentation Network Industry】 Recently, following the implementation of a gas price hearing in Beijing, Jiangxi and Guiyang have also issued hearings on the implementation of a step-by-step gas price. It seems that the implementation of a ladder gas price has become a general trend. Traditional metering schemes have gradually been replaced, and metering technology has also been improved. After the implementation of the ladder electricity price and the step water price, the ladder gas price is once again implementing price reform on resource-based products to promote resource conservation and rational utilization. So what are the requirements for implementing gas prices on the ladder gas prices?

Traditional gas meters exposed defects after the implementation of the ladder gas prices with the implementation of the ladder gas price policy, natural gas prices are changing. Because of the use of ladder prices, the overall cost of household gas has risen, which has caused residents to inflate in many places. There have also been reports of this. How to solve these residents' "response" policies is worth considering.

Basically, smart gas meters are now widely used, among which IC card gas meters and other types of pre-paid gas meters can be used to purchase stocks at lower prices, and after the price of gas ladders, they are hoarded in advance. Gas has been paid for. In this case, gas companies are under great pressure. After all, hoarding will always bring about unnecessary risks and losses. As a natural defect of the IC card gas meter, it is impossible to adjust the price for the first time, and it cannot perfectly support the price of the ladder gas. From the perspective of future development, there is a huge loophole. The price calculations for card tables are generally based on years. This imposes a great difficulty on metering charges, and it is impossible to obtain reliable usage information from users' homes. This may result in a small fee for this purpose.

The new requirements of the ladder-based gas meter After the implementation of the step-by-step gas price, the corresponding gas meter must also meet two types of settlement methods, namely supporting the gas volume and amount, and using the gas card to achieve switching in the background. The price of ladder gas can be set up to five levels according to different time and different price settings. At the same time, the gas meter must also have the function of supporting the annual ladder and monthly ladder. It is also advisable to switch from the gas quantity to the amount during the operation. Because taking into account the installation environment of the meter, the gas meter is required to use a fully sealed moisture-proof technology, with an external gas leak warning device and an abnormal flow monitoring function, which is truly intelligent.

Difficulty in the face of traditional gas mechanical gas meter, gas company staff on-site meter reading in terms of time or measurement must be more accurate, otherwise the implementation of the ladder gas price will be greatly reduced. However, the actual situation is that in the process of household meter reading, because there is no guarantee at home that people are at any time, the phenomenon that gas consumption is “estimated” by residents is widespread. At the same time, after the implementation of the ladder gas price, local residents will use the gas to change the current gas price to the third-grade gas price, and the settlement period will also be divided into monthly, quarterly or annual. The specific gas consumption will not be accumulated or carried over in the cycle. This means that if you continue to use the existing gas-based mechanical gas meters, gas company employees will have to be more accurate when it comes to meter readings on time or on a metered basis. Otherwise, the effect of the ladder gas prices will be greatly reduced.

The gas meter type IC card prepaid meter is also difficult to adapt to new metering requirements. Because in the pricing process, the gas meter IC card prepayment table shows the amount of gas balance, rather than the balance of the amount. The pricing principle of the ladder gas prices is that residents use different grades of natural gas and pay different prices. Therefore, the current gas meter based on gas volume must be changed to a gas meter based on amount of money in order to meet the measurement requirements in the gas price era.

However, the gas meter type IC card prepaid meter is changed to the amount-based IC card prepaid meter by a simpler system upgrade. To realize the ladder pricing, the former needs to charge the gas consumption amount consumed in the previous cycle at the next recharge. The implementation effect of the price is also discounted. And with the implementation of the gas price ladder, the future of the gas meter will be more and more functional requirements. In addition to remote signal transmission, it is also required to have a gas leak alarm cut-off device in the IC card table. In addition, due to the different quality of natural gas supply what kind of gas cooker is regulated, the difference in calorific value is too large to lead to incomplete combustion, therefore, the gas meter will be put into the calorific value meter in the future.

The conclusion of natural gas ladder gas prices is a major event related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and it is also an irreversible inevitable trend. Therefore, the development of gas meters will inevitably accelerate under the influence of stepped gas prices. A gas meter suitable for stepped gas pricing and meter reading is very much needed.

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