GE China R&D Center Launches New Generation LED Tunnel Lighting System

In order to support the development of green lighting in China's tunnels, GE China R&D Center lighting engineering team recently launched independent research and development of LED tunnel lighting systems. GE China R&D Center pointed out that its advanced modular design saves energy compared with traditional lighting systems45, and its life span is up to 10 years. It is four times the service life of traditional fluorescent lamps and two to three times the service life of traditional high-intensity gas lamps.
The National Development and Reform Commission of China has recently released a draft for the phasing out of the incandescent light roadmap in China. LED lighting is undoubtedly the best choice for the future green lighting era.
The GE China R&D Center pointed out that this research and development was through the joint efforts of its Shanghai and Xi'an R&D engineers, and creatively launched this LED tunnel lighting system with unique modular design, which emphasizes the unique modular design. This system can realize 40 watts to 120 watts of power upgrade through one or two optical module components (that is, no redesign is required every 20 watts), thus easily meeting different tunnels and different sections within the same tunnel. Lighting requirements.
Mainland China is currently one of the fastest growing tunnels in the world, and tunnel lighting is an integral part of tunnel construction. Currently, GE has 200,000 sets of traditional lighting used in tunnels in major cities in China. In response to the requirements of Chinese customers for the use of LED tunnel lights, GE China R&D Center in Shanghai and Xi'an lighting engineering team began to design this high-performance tunnel lighting system for Chinese customers in early 2011.
In addition to meeting the needs of the Chinese market, GE China R&D Center is also implementing its investment commitment to the Chinese mainland government. GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immel announced in Beijing in November 2010 that GE will invest US$500 million in the next three years to strengthen R&D activities and establish multiple innovation centers in China. Serving the Southwest, Northwest, Northeast and Central markets. He also pledged to invest more than $1.5 billion to build a new joint venture. Future Innovation Centers will focus on bringing GE's technology and innovation advantages to China, including advanced lighting technologies that will also create synergies with GE's R&D facilities in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuxi.

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