How complicated is the matrix LED headlights, you know?

The development of LED technology has promoted the advancement of automotive lighting technology, and many people are already familiar with LED headlamps. But the experience of matrix headlamps is not that much estimated. If LED headlamps give designers a higher degree of styling freedom, then matrix headlamps will make car lighting more intelligent, allowing drivers to focus on enjoying driving and road traffic. safer. With the development of LED technology, the cost of LED headlamps has also decreased year by year, and LED headlamps have become more and more popular, such as the Corolla high-profile models. However, matrix headlamps are basically still the configuration of high-end luxury brands such as ABB, and are rarely deployed on models with prices of 200,000 and 300,000. The reason, I think there are three points. First, regulatory issues. We know that China's automobile regulations are basically based on ECE regulations (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's automobile regulations) combined with local characteristics. At present, GB regulations have not yet made detailed technical requirements for matrix headlamp legislation. The car company is referring to the ECE regulations when designing this system. Second, research and development and manufacturing capabilities. Matrix headlamps are a system engineering that not only has more powerful image processing capabilities than lane-assist systems, but also requires the lighting supplier's extremely high light distribution technology and high-precision light source module manufacturing capabilities. According to our understanding, at present, except for a few suppliers in China, most suppliers do not have the development capability of matrix headlamp systems in China. Third, the cost issue. The application of high-tech intelligent products can't escape a cost problem. The cost of a matrix headlamp system is even more than several times that of a normal LED headlamp, which is a big pressure for most of the hot models on the market today. Of course, some of the costs, such as the camera can be shared with the functions of lane assist, automatic parking, etc., so the matrix headlamp configuration of many models is currently a binding relationship with the lane assist lamp function. In fact, SAIC GM provided a matrix headlamp configuration on Weilang GS two years ago, and Regal, which is going to be listed soon, is the second model to be equipped with matrix headlamps. This should be a reflection of GM's focus on advanced technology applications for consumers.

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