Water supply and drainage knowledge Water ring vacuum pump failure

1, stuck in the test or running process

Cause: Severe scaling Solution: Remove or remove

Cause: Packing gland is too tight Solution: Relieve gland bolts

Cause: Rusty solution for internal parts: Pull the rotor firmly and clean it with oxalic acid

Cause: Foreign matter stuck on the rotor of the pump Solution: Scour with water and open the inspection

Water ring vacuum pump failure

2, motor short-circuit or overload

Cause: Winding short circuit Solution: Check motor windings

Cause: The working fluid flow is too high Solution: Adjust the inlet valve to reduce the working fluid flow

Cause: Excessive discharge pressure Solution: Reduce exhaust pressure to specified range

Cause: The amount of liquid in the inhaled gas is too high Solution: Install a separator at the inlet or reduce the flow of the working fluid

Water ring vacuum pump failure

3, low vacuum

Cause: Speed ​​drop caused by belt slip Solution: Tighten the belt

Cause: Insufficient supply of water or excessive temperature Solution: Adjust the amount of water supply to reduce the working fluid temperature

Cause: Vacuum System Leak Solution: Check for leaks in packing box tubing and pump gaps

Cause: Vacuum gauge shows incorrect solution: Replace vacuum gauge

Cause: The valve plate falls off Solution: Replace the valve plate

Water ring vacuum pump failure

4, vibration and noise

Reason: Shaft alignment is not a good solution: re-centering and locking

Cause: Loose anchor bolts Solution: Tighten the anchor bolts

Cause: Excessive fluid flow Solution: Install orifice meter to reduce flow

Reason: suction exhaust pipe wall is too thin Solution: Use a thicker wall pipe

Water ring vacuum pump failure

5, bearing parts fever

Cause: Lack or excess of grease Solution: Improve lubrication conditions

Cause: Improperly installed bearing Solution: Adjust the bearing

Cause: The bearing is rusted and the raceway is scratched. Solution: Replace the new bearing

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