4S shop free service you know which

People who often do maintenance in 4S stores know that some services in 4S shop are free. Maybe you don't like people who are cheap, but they all go to 4S shop, and spend so much money in it to let him serve your car. This is normal. So it is very important to know what is a free service. This is also good for the car. Let's summarize the free service of the 4S shop .


Starting from buying a car, the 4S shop can usually be tested after buying a car, but this requires an appointment. When you buy a car, you can make an appointment and you can feel the performance of the car you want to buy. Controllability, how the interior texture is, etc. It is very necessary to buy a car to test the car first. Otherwise, the meeting thinks that the car is too fleshy and the engine power is not enough, so the test is very important, and you can try more. A few different feelings about which one you like.


At lunch, I said that there is no free lunch under the sun. The 4S shop has it. This is because when you go to the 4S shop to do maintenance, if they happen to have lunch at noon, this is not a simple meal. But the high-quality steak, but also do not need money, this thinks whether it is a big profit, this is also a major service feature of it, this is also a performance of service quality.


Car wash, this is very familiar to everyone, and generally go to wash the car in two weeks, of course, 4S shop is not all car wash is free, but after the car is repaired or repaired, this is free, mainly because you spend money It will give you a free car wash. If you miss this car wash, you have to pay for the car, so it is good to wash your car every time you finish the maintenance, and you can save money.


Check the car for free, this is when you drive back from the car, you can drive the car and they will give you a comprehensive inspection car, and this check is not money, this is mainly an after-sales service to the customer, and check It is also very comprehensive. You can also find potential problems with the vehicle after inspection. Why not do it?


4S shop free service, you know which ones , Xiaobian said which services are now known to everyone, in the future when going to the 4S shop must do such a check, or not check their own comprehensive, go out to play back when There must be a loss of the car, so doing a check is also a two-pronged one, or you need to do your own check, so know these free pay and take action.

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