Buy second-hand front four rear six trucks attention check

Where do we start when we consider buying second-hand trucks after the first four to six trucks? In addition to checking the relevant second-hand and second-fourth-truck transfer procedures, we also need to conduct a careful inspection of the condition of the used front-four-six-trucks. We must consider not only the use of the vehicles, but also whether or not the vehicle has experienced a collision. Today Xiao Bian talked to you about how to check the condition of the used front and rear six trucks.


Look carefully at the appearance

As the average person thinks, looking at the appearance is to see if the car has scratches and there are no depressions. Standing at the front and rear of the vehicle, a total of 4 positions, to observe the appearance of the car at a 45-degree angle. This observation not only makes it easier to see if the car has scratches, but also finds hidden depressions that are not visible when looking directly. When light is abundant, such observations are quick and effective. Of course, the usual method of carefully checking the vehicle around the car is also correct.

Chassis to pay attention

Observing the bottom of the car does not necessarily require professional machines to lift the car up to see carefully. Harder, leaning over, you can observe many situations in the end. Look at the bottom of the car, first look at the front part, that is, the engine bit to see if there is any trace of oil leakage, this is the most critical step. Because oil leakage is not a matter of two days, it will surely be stained with mud and debris. It is easy to see it, and it is in the front chassis.

Is the gear flexible?

Whether it is an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, checking the gear position is an important step in looking at the second-hand front-four rear six-truck. When checking, check that the engine is starting up. Check that the foot is on the brake and the parking brake should not be put down. Every shift, you can feel a slight setback in the car, which is normal. However, when shifting, the frustration of a certain number of gears is fierce, and there is a problem. Of course, if the owner of the car allowed it to open, his experience would be deeper.

Engine not ignored

After the carriage is inspected, before turning it off, open the front cover switch inside the compartment, because the next step is to check the engine and keep the engine starting. In general, the sound of the engine is smooth and low, and a good car has a cold start in the engine for a while. The sound of the engine in the stationary state of the car is getting smaller and smaller. This is a normal situation. If the engine is loud and there are sharp, irregular noises, this is a problem.

Of course, in order to fully conduct the assessment, special instruments and professional appraisers will be required. Consumers want to buy a good, affordable car, or should go to some formal, large-scale professional second-hand before the four after six trucks brokerage company, because in the market like this every second-hand before the fourth and then six trucks are professional The careful evaluation of the second-hand front and rear six-truck appraisers evaded the risk of accident vehicles, scrapped cars, and modified cars.

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