Jiamei Lighting took the lead in raising prices and the big brands concentrated on the “price surge”.

On November 23, Jiamei Times Lighting released the “Notice on the Adjustment of Some Product Prices” in the circle of friends. The “Notice” showed that due to the rising prices of raw materials, some materials of the suppliers have notified us of the price increase in early November. Based on the cost pressure, the company decided that from November 26, 2016, some of the company's products will be calculated according to the actual cost, and the original sales unit price will be adjusted on November 23, Jiamei Times Lighting will release the "Partial Product Price Adjustment Notice" in the circle of friends. "," "Notice" shows: due to the rising prices of raw materials, some of the suppliers' materials have notified us of the price increase in early November. Based on the cost pressure, the company decided that from November 26, 2016, some of the company's products will be accounted for at actual cost, and the original unit price will be adjusted. The products adjusted this time include some products such as the commercial metal halide lamp series, the commercial lighting electrical appliance series, the LED light source series and the bracket. After the spread of the Jiamei price adjustment notice in the WeChat circle of friends, it has aroused widespread concern in the industry. Many terminal merchants have also speculated that under the established facts of raw material price hikes, at the end of this year or early next year, perhaps many big brands will Focusing on product price adjustment, and Jiamei's first price increase is a clue to the price increase of big brands. Before many big brands launched collective action, many merchants took the lead in responding to this wave of rising prices with practical actions. Big brands or price hikes. Large businesses have already moved ahead. Due to rising raw material costs and logistics costs, according to reliable sources, many manufacturers have raised their prices. F-brand products are likely to increase by about 10 points in December. In order to thank the customers of Hunan for their long-term support and love, the company decided to take the full range of LED products in stock and all the electrical products in the existing inventory to make the last big reward for customers. The number of promotional products and promotion time are limited. The more discounts you make, the more you will not be capped. At the same time, customers who have the rest of the meeting are also requested to pick up the goods. Otherwise, the F-brand will increase the price. F brand Hunan operation center According to the L brand notice, due to the large price increase of raw materials, L brand decided to adjust the price of products from December 1, the specific floating coefficient is determined by business documents. This year, friends who need lighting fixtures for home improvement and tooling projects should not hesitate until the 28th of this month. Earn orders before they are bought. L brand city agents Business perspective If the price increase to the business time buffer, the recent increase in raw materials affects the hearts of many companies and businesses, and many companies have issued product price notices to merchants. At present, the prices of Philips and Shanghai Yaming, which I represent, are stable and there is no price increase. However, the market is changing and it is not ruled out. As a major international brand, Philips and other products are rich in products, and the market volume is relatively large. For the time being, the price hike of raw materials has not yet had a major impact on its cost, so that it can not increase the price of its products. However, if international brands and first-line brands increase their product prices on a large scale, they will have a great impact on the second and third-line brands and even the entire market. Price increases are not a bad thing for businesses with large stocks of reserves. Because in the past two years, as technology continues to mature, product price cuts are too frequent, which is very unfavorable for some merchants with large inventory. I think that due to the impact of raw material price increases, the product will definitely carry out a certain price increase, but I hope that the price increase will give the merchant a time to adapt, and this range should be relatively flat. If the price increase is too large and the price will drop in an instant, this is very unfavorable for our business. With the maturity of technology and the extreme downturn in the market environment in the past two years, the frequency of product price reduction will certainly be higher than the price increase, so I hope that whether it is price increase or price reduction, manufacturers should consider the point of view of the business at the right time. In this way, the cooperation between the two parties can last for a long time to achieve a win-win situation for the manufacturers. The profit margin of the business has been upgraded as a strong listed company. Up to now, the prices of various products of Mulinsen have been very stable, and have not been floated because of the rising prices of raw materials. This has strong control over the market with Mulinsen. And related to the channel has a strong management ability. As a listed company, Mulinsen will comprehensively consider various possible situations when formulating the enterprise development plan, and make corresponding effective measures. In addition, the speed of development of Mulinsen in recent years is obvious to all, and its support for merchants. The strength is also well-known in the industry, even if there are any adjustments, it will maximize the interests of the business. Therefore, no matter what kind of decision Mulinsen makes, we will unswervingly follow the development pace of Mulinsen. This price increase has certain significance for regulating the development of the industry or for promoting the strength of enterprises. For our merchants, the price of products has been declining in the past two years, and the profit margin of merchants is getting thinner and thinner. This price increase may increase our profit margin to a certain extent, so merchants can seize this good opportunity. To improve sales performance and profitability. At the same time, 2016 is nearing the end. For the merchants, it is necessary to speed up and improve their own services. In addition to providing various benefits through various promotions or profit-making activities, they will give back to consumers’ support and further promote Mulinsen. Increased product sales in the terminal market. Price hikes are good for branded merchants. The price of raw materials has risen. For some unpowered lighting companies, it may be the last straw to crush the camel. However, for companies such as Foshan Lighting, which have strong brand strength, strong ability to resist risks, and have the ability to digest costs, the profit of the products will be relatively considerable. Although price hikes are an indisputable fact, for businesses, it is necessary to look at this phenomenon rationally, even though this wave of price increases is a good thing for merchants who insist on acting as a brand and have certain warehousing strength. As a merchant, it is necessary to increase product sales as much as possible, so that distributors and consumers can enjoy more benefits. At the end of the year, in order to better reward the cooperation merchants and thank the consumers for their support, Changsha Kangxu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has prepared a series of promotion policies, and the full range of products have a large margin. In my opinion, only by making partners profitable, the cooperation between the two parties can be more durable and enjoyable, which is also the key to achieving a win-win situation for both parties. Market observation big brands wait and see mood strong merchants to take advantage of the recent sales fire, affected by the price surge, many business friends circle have sent out such first-line brands such as F lighting, L lighting will increase the price of the product notice after the year, but the deadline At present, the major first-line brands have not issued a notice to raise prices. The Jiamei era lighting first issued a price increase notice, which seems to further confirm the business argument: perhaps the end of the year or the year after the big brand or ushered in centralized price adjustment, just the specific time of price adjustment, the specific range of price increases, has not yet been determined. From the various promotional tips issued by the terminal merchants in the WeChat circle of friends, it can be seen that when the price surge surges, although the big brands have not moved, the phenomenon of the first move of the merchants is very obvious. It is not difficult to see that the intention of the merchant to increase sales performance and increase profit margins with this opportunity to increase prices is very obvious. In the past two years, with the upgrading of product technology and the acceleration of price reduction, it is a very troublesome thing for merchants with inventory pressure. This time, many merchants who reserve large stocks are cutting prices. Point to sprint sales and increase year-end sales by effectively promoting inventory products or giving profits to distribution outlets.

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