Fast and fast, Maisford accessories supply

Recently, many users have called the China Truck Network and indicated that they would like to consult about the conditions of the Maxwell engine. One of the users' reactions that caught my attention was that there were not enough supply of accessories for Maisford . Please consult us. Whether this situation is true or not, today's truck network truck network reporter through this article allows everyone to have a clear understanding of Maisford's parts supply system.
Maisford Engine Maisford Engine

There are two types of accessories production, self production and matching

Insufficient supply of spare parts depends on whether the production capacity of the accessories is strong or not. JAC Navistar currently produces engine accessories for the Maisford 3.2L and Maisford 4.8L, 3.2L capacity for 25,000 pieces per year, and 4.8L capacity for 15,000. Each year, the use of the current market is fully able to meet the requirements.

The 25,000 and 15,000 pieces here refer to the production of the main core parts of Maisford, and some of the other parts are supplied by the suppliers of matching parts. Currently, the number of parts suppliers of Maisfu Engine reaches 217. , can provide adequate spare parts.

Fixed-cycle distribution to ensure daily usage

The production capacity of the accessories is enough, it depends on the service station and accessories dealers supply in a timely manner is not timely, because the accessories are ultimately to reach the user's hands, and the user to buy accessories only dealers and services stand in two ways , so to ensure that parts dealers and service station accessories are sufficient to ensure that customers can buy accessories at any time.

The shipment of JAC Navistar parts to the transfer warehouse is based on monthly orders and daily consumption. Normally, it is 2 to 4 times per month. The frequency of special parts such as semi-finished cylinders will be higher. Transfer goods to accessories dealers and service stations at least once a week to prepare for daily use.

Daily use of the engine can be divided into two categories, one is the oil, machine filter, air filter, belt and other maintenance parts, this type of accessories will have a certain inventory in the warehouse, when the inventory is below a certain percentage It will be supplemented to ensure that inventory cannot be zero. The other is wearing parts such as pistons, piston rings, pumps, etc. It is not a long time that Mai Sifu engine is listed on the market in China at present. The utilization rate of these accessories is not very high, so the inventory will be relatively small, each store plans its own inventory according to the vehicle maintenance situation.

Mysford Engine Cam Mechanism Mysford Engine Cam Mechanism

Emergency parts, special handling

Regular cycle operation has been able to meet most of the daily use, but there are still very small bursts of demand that require special handling. When JAC's spare parts companies, spare parts distributors, and service providers do not have spare parts inventory and need to be met by Jianghuai Navistar urgently, JAC Navistar also has a spare emergency green channel to provide emergency accessories.

The emergency straight green channel for spare parts is directly shipped by JAC Navistar, and special spare parts supply methods are not subject to cycle restrictions without the transfer library. After receiving the user's emergency spare parts demand, JAC Navistar will immediately check the inventory information of the customer's dealer and nearby dealers, and if there is inventory, it will be shipped nearby. If the market does not need inventory, it will need to contact the person in charge of the Green Channel of the Logistics Department to immediately make emergency physical adjustments and coordinate the logistics. The entire process does not exceed 24 hours.

The supply of spare parts is an important part of after-sale protection. The supply of spare parts is required to give a solid foundation for after-sales service. With the increase of the amount of Maisford engines and the increase in the use of engines for early sales, Jianghuai Navistar is bound to It will increase production and optimize its own parts supply system.

Main control valve is an important hydraulic parts for an Excavator. It controls the action of the excavator.

The control valve function as follow:

(1) double pump confluent oil supply and increase the speed of moving arm. (only when the arm is raised)
(2) when the bucket is operated separately, double pump stations supply oil to speed up the action speed of the bucket rod.
(3) the motion of the arm is given priority, and the movement of the arm will be given priority when the arm is carried out at the same time as other movements.
(4) rotary priority, rotary and bucket at the same time, rotation will be a priority.
(5) negative flow control, give the main pump a negative flow signal, so that the stem in the middle, the main pump displacement to the minimum.
(6) walking in a straight line, when the excavator moves forward or backward, other actions can be done at the same time, in order to ensure the needs of special working conditions.
(7) the electric sensor can be configured to meet the needs of electronic control.


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KX155, KX135, KX161-3

160-7 valve220-7 main control valve

Excavator Main Valve

Excavator Main Valve,Pc160-7 Excavator Main Valve,Pc200-7 Main Control Valves,Excavator Main Relief Valve